a writing center consultant helping a student with their paper

Meet the Staff

Marc Falk

Susan Wolverton

Associate Dean for Student Academics & Professor of Theatre Arts

Email: swolvert@coe.edu

Coordinates Learning Commons staff, resources and activities. Helps faculty provide academic support for students, including developing new initiatives and resources. Offers students guidance with academic planning including majors, practicum and the college's other requirements and opportunities.

Dr. Laura Hayes

Interim Director of TRIO/Academic Achievement Program and Academic Coach

Email: lhayes@coe.edu

Coordinates TRIO/AAP staff, resources and activities. Provides support for students through academic coaching and support.

Michelle McIllece

Michelle McIllece

Associate Director of TRIO/AAP, Academic Coach and Tutoring Coordinator

Email: mmcillec@coe.edu 

Works primarily with AAP-eligible students on academic planning, personality and interest assessments (Strong and others), study skills and time management, and career and personal development. Offers customized class presentations for faculty to support their course learning goals.

Jane Nesmith

Dr. Jane Nesmith

Director of the Writing Center & Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

Email: jnesmith@coe.edu

Offers conversations about writing at any stage of the writing process provides experienced students as Writing Fellows to classes across campus. Offers customized presentations on writing-centered topics. Sponsors and edits two literary journals (The Pearl and Colere).

Melanie Ostmo

Accessibility Coordinator & Academic Coach

Works with students with disabilities. Collaborates with faculty on developing academic accommodatoins. Provides academic coaching and mentoring. 

Headshot of Spencer Stout

Spencer Stout

Biology Support Specialist & Academic Coach

Email: spstout@coe.edu

Facilitates and organizes all biology supplemental instruction (SI) sessions, teaches College Foundations and serves as an academic coach.

Kathy Welsh

TRIO/AAP Program Coordinator, Academic Coach and ESL Instructor

Email: kwelsh@coe.edu

Assist the director of Coe's TRIO/AAP program. Coordinates the Testing Center. Proctors and schedules tests. Provides support for students through academic coaching and support.

Headshot of Steve Bean

Steve Bean

Math Specialist

Email: sbean@coe.edu

Provides tutoring and support to students for any math-based classes.