Sample Course Materials


Four-Year Plan

Sample Course Materials

The Essay (RHE-255) introduces students to the history of the personal essay, explores the remarkable diversity of contemporary American essayists, and provides opportunities for class members to create their own unique contributions to this genre.

Examples of recent essays written for the course include the following texts–all of which were eventually published in several literary journals, including Colere and The Pearl.

RHE-225 Journalism and Media Workshop

Journalism Staff

This course introduces several forms of writing for both print and electronic media.

Topics for this class are are local:  news-pegged feature stories that originate on campus, in Cedar Rapids, and in eastern Iowa. During the term, each student completes approximately six stories, including one slide show story and one interactive story. Completed projects are posted on a course website; students also create their own journalism websites.

Coe College Post

Bicycle Writing—May Term Class

Bicycle Writing

RHE-265 Professional Writing

This course is designed to help prepare students for the types of writing they’ll encounter in managerial, public relations, or other professional positions.

Every year the class works with a local non-profit organization—writing and revising brochures, newsletters, grant materials, web site material, or operations manuals.  These materials are then published and used by the organizations.

Here are some samples of student work: