The Williston Jones Full-Tuition
Scholarship Program *

February 19, 2017

The application deadline for consideration in the Williston Jones Scholarship Program has passed. Please contact your admission counselor for further information.

Williston Jones, the founder of Coe College, was a man of great conviction. His passion for education led him to Daniel Coe, a New York farmer, who donated the funds necessary to purchase the land that made Coe College a reality. From its inception in 1851, Coe College has admitted men and women on an equal basis. In addition, these founding fathers and other members of the original board of trustees were early advocates of equal rights and education for all individuals, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity.

The Williston Jones Scholarship Program seeks to further their legacy of enriching the educational experience by inclusion of a wide range of voices. Williston Jones Scholarships exist for a variety of our prospective student populations.

  • Distinguished Trustee Scholarship - Open only to select prospective students who have received a special invitation to apply and demonstrate an ability to positively impact the campus.
  • Diversity Leadership Scholarship - Open to prospective students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents from broadly diverse backgrounds.
  • Sustainability Scholarship - Open to prospective students who have a passion for the environment, creating sustainable practices and reducing our carbon footprint on the world.
  • Marshall Music Scholarship - Open to prospective students who have the motivation and background necessary to pursue the Bachelor of Music degree.