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Ugur Akgun
Research Interests

I have two different research areas: Experimental High Energy Physics and Computational Biophysics.

In Experimental High Energy Physics, my main focus is development of new detector technologies. The students working with me are actively involved in hadronic calorimeter construction and upgrade studies for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. As a part of CMS Hadronic Forward Calorimeter upgrades, we have completed Photomultiplier Tube characterizations, currently we work on developing radiation hard scintillating glass for CMS Hadronic Endcap calorimeter upgrades.

Since Coe Physics department has state of the art glass research facilities, we focus on developing glass based detectors. Students doing research with me recently are working on high density glass based proton imaging device for medical applications, and borosilicate glass based neutron detector design for homeland security.

Computation Biophysics Summer Researcher - 2015
Computational Biophysics Summer Researcher 2015

My second research area is Computational Biophysics studies on membrane proteins. The students working on these projects develop computational skills on modeling proteins from X-Ray diffraction data, and performing data analysis. The computational physics experiments on these models reveal their working mechanism and details of their function. The information obtained from these studies is used for computer aided drug design efforts. Students doing research with me recently are working on Cardiovascular Drug recruitment by P-Glycoproteins, and water conduction through AQP0 - CaM system.

The students working for me are part of international efforts and present their work in collaboration meetings as well as national conferences.

Ugur Akgun

Recent Publications:

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