Mills Theatre

Mills TheatreMills is an experimental/black box theatre space. Used for classroom instruction and student productions (student directed one act and full-length plays, The Blind Spot—an Off Stage Players’ “open mike” forum, The Mills Showcase—structured and rehearsed presentations such as the Musical Theatre Acting class cabaret, and various student recitals), the space has no permanent theatre architecture or seating, allowing for complete flexibility.

Lighting is flexible, utilizing a full ceiling grid, 60 circuits, patch panel, 24 dimmers, and an ETC Expression 3 computerized lighting control console.

A modular sound rack with a 12x4 mixing console, cassette tape and CD playback, and two amplifiers patches into the two-channel, four speaker system.

Stage management and sound and light control is run from the control booth located on the 2rd floor of the theatre. A unisex dressing room is located at the opposite end of the theatre on the 1st floor.



Mills Theatre Mills Theatre