DramaturgyWe believe that theatre belongs at the center of your liberal arts experience and nowhere is this more evident than in the study of dramaturgy. Our Production and Performance class offers students the opportunity to work on a fully produced play just as they would any other production—as actors, stage managers, prop masters, assistant designers, etc.  But, in addition to their traditional work, they will be given the chance to submerge themselves in the dramaturgical research suggested by the playtext, exploring different issues—historical, social, and political—that are implied by it.  This research will be conducted in teams and will be displayed across campus and in the lobby of the theatre in conjunction with public performances of the play.  One full course credit is granted to students who participate in the research and performance aspects of the production.  In addition to enhancing the total experience of creating the world of the play for the students involved, the Coe community and audiences benefit from the context of the work provided by the Production and Performance class.