Dows Theatre

Dows TheatreDows Theatre is a flexible "blackbox" theatre space that can be configured into arena, thrust and mock-proscenium arrangements. The stage flooring consists of both hardboard-covered hardwood and concrete, and it includes a stage-accessible pit with 12 trap doors.

The theatre has a full-coverage catwalk grid for 360-degree lighting positions. Dows is a dimmer per circuit space with 142 circuits and Colortran D-192 dimmers; an ETC ION 1000 computerized lighting console; and a large inventory of lighting fixtures and accessories including two ocean optics sea changes and a robe moving fixture.

Sound control is through a Soundcraft Compact SI-32 digital mixing console which plays through the seven selectable fixed speakers. Additional selectable control using M-Audio ProFire 610 firewire interface, allows for multiple sound configurations. Recording, editing, and playback is done via conventional media and computer control: recordable CD, computer trigger playback through Qlab 3.0. There is a complete system of monitors throughout the theatre facilities.

Stage management and sound and light control is run from the control booth located on the 3rd floor of the theatre. Dressing rooms, the greenroom and shops are adjacent to the theatre.