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Tai Lucero '14

Hometown: Odessa, Texas
Major: Biology, Pre-Med
Minor: Spanish

What activities are you involved in?
I am a member of the Kohawk Women's Tennis Team, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Multicultural Fusion, Pre-Med Club and the Horror Club.

Why did you decide to attend Coe?
I visited many colleges of all sizes in several states. I knew I wanted an entirely different and new experience away from home. Coe was the last college I visited and as soon as I left Coe that day, I knew I had found my new home. The people at Coe were so friendly and helpful with any question or concern I presented them with right from the beginning.

How has Coe changed your life?
Coe College has blessed me with an amazing learning environment! Coe has given me the opportunity to receive a superior education where I know I will be able to succeed after my time at Coe has ended.

What's it like living in Cedar Rapids?
Living in Cedar Rapids is a big change for someone whose hometown is in a hot, desert-like environment....and I love it! Cedar Rapids offers enough shopping, restaurant and entertainment options that any college student can appreciate. My favorite restaurant is Sushi House, try it out during a visit to CR!

What is your favorite class and why?
I simply cannot choose a favorite class because I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. The classes at Coe are challenging and the professors expect students to be in class and have assignments completed. The professors at Coe care about each student and are always ready to help if you need it!

What so far has been your favorite memory at Coe?
Orientation Week is a great time for new students at Coe! It's an extremely busy week filled with meeting tons of new friends, fun activities and having the first sense of being on your own.

What is your Coe favorite tradition?
My favorite tradition at Coe is definitely the "Ringing of the Bell." It signifies new beginnings, successful accomplishments and the hard work and completion of four years. Ringing the bell is something every student looks forward to!

What does Kohawk Nation mean to you?
The term Kohawk Nation to me means unity. We are a small college with an extraordinary sense of pride and support in all of our fellow Kohawk endeavors!

How do you feel about Kohawk athletics?
I am a proud member of the Women's Tennis Team at Coe. Coe has an excellent tennis facility and coaches who have dedicated their lives in preparing the tennis teams to achieve and strive to better themselves every day. Every sport at Coe feels the same way with their programs. The athletes and coaches at Coe are top notch in character and motivation.

Tell us about one of the organizations you are involved in.
Multicultural Fusion is a fantastic group of people representing all cultures. It is a positive combination of people with different life lessons and different perspectives coming together as one to exhibit acceptance and tolerance among us all. I have made lifelong friends in the Multicultural Fusion group and encourage any Coe student to come and join us!

What should every student do before they graduate?
Every student at Coe should just simply choose to be an involved and productive member of something on campus! Coe offers something for everyone to be passionate about and if it's not offered Coe gives you the ability to create what you feel is missing!