Social and Criminal Justice

Why Social & Criminal Justice @ Coe?

The interdisciplinary major in social and criminal justice allows students to learn and experience the criminal justice system through a social justice lens. Core courses in the major address multifaceted questions surrounding restorative, retributive, procedural and distributive justice. The social and criminal justice faculty teach topics within the major from varying perspectives and disciplines to introduce students to the ways in which matters of justice are at work in and essential to many areas of study.

Social & Criminal Justice Faculty

Coe faculty members have been leaders at the intersections between civil rights, policing and communities while having expertise on human rights and cross-national approaches to criminal justice. Students will learn from trained lawyers and ethicists along with professors who have studied the social and psychological reasons for criminal behavior.

Clubs and Organizations

Pre-Law Society:
Students receive further support and experience through participation in Pre-Law Society, an organization of students who are interested in law-related fields of study. Social and criminal justice majors learn about promoting and sustaining social justice issues and other law-based activities.

Internships and Research

Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second largest city, offers many internship opportunities for students at fortune 500 companies, local business and everything in between. Students have interned at the RISE program, federal courts, social services, Cedar Rapids Police Department and with pubic advocacy lawyers and federal probation officers.

Washington D.C. Term:
Social and criminal justice majors have the opportunity to study in Washington D.C. while completing an internship and taking classes. Students have interned with the Irish Embassy to the U.S., Department of Transportation, government offices and museums.