Public Relations

An organization's reputation and overall success depends on the extent to which its targeted publics support its goals and policies. Public relations is comprised of the various activities and communications that organizations undertake to manage, monitor, evaluate, influence and adjust to the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of groups or individuals who constitute their publics.

Public relations professionals serve as advocates for companies and organizations seeking to build and maintain positive relationships with the public. Those who work in public relations serve as an intermediary and manage the communication between an organization and its publics.As executives recognize the link between good public relations and the success of their organizations, they increasingly rely on public relations professionals for advice on the strategy and implementation of their communications.

Public relations majors at Coe receive a broad background to prepare them for success as professional practitioners or graduate students. Classes in public relations, marketing, advertising, business, communication studies and art are required for majors, providing a multi-disciplinary approach. In addition, the Cedar Rapids area offers abundant opportunities for internships in public relations, giving students real-world experience.

At Coe, public relations majors are required to obtain a second major in another academic area. This is advantageous to those students who study public relations, as they can combine the major with other academic pursuits, such as business administration, art, communication studies, Spanish, philosophy, or virtually any other major on campus. When they graduate, Coe public relations majors all possess double majors, giving them superior credentials and preparation for future success.

10 reasons to choose Coe College for public relations

Prof. Pam Carstens
  1. Faculty possess extensive professional experience in public relations and related fields, which provides extremely beneficial instruction for students.
  2. An interdisciplinary approach ensures students get broad exposure to public relations, marketing, advertising, business, art, communications and other important related areas of study.
  3. The greater Cedar Rapids area offers many opportunities for internships in public relations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.
  4. Students receive a solid background for professional success as well as graduate study in public relations, advertising or communication studies.
  5. Small class sizes and a personalized approach help ensure that students receive the knowledge they need for future success.
  6. Class projects reflect a real-world approach to learning about public relations, providing excellent preparation.
  7. Students are exposed to a philosophy of public relations within the context of business.
  8. Development of professional writing skills is emphasized in the public relations course work.
  9. Students learn how to apply the principles of public relations using both traditional media and social media.
  10. Students are educated for the real-world demands of public relations in the 21st century.