Provost's Office

Coe College's mission states in part that "...our success as a college will be measured according to the success of our graduates." This is as it should be. For more than 150 years, Coe College has provided its students with a liberal arts education of the highest quality. The college's faculty and staff have witnessed how Coe graduates are able to meet the challenges of further education and chosen career paths. The firm educational and social grounding, along with the personal attention they receive at Coe College, helps students become productive, caring citizens.

While at Coe College, students receive support and encouragement to immerse themselves in a particular subject area through their major, broaden their knowledge of various disciplines through the general education program, and develop the skills needed to learn on their own through a variety of opportunities. With this balanced approach, students can ultimately achieve the overarching expectation of success as graduates. This portion of the web page links to information about programs designed to help the students meet these expectations.

Paula O'Loughlin
Provost and Dean of the Faculty