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Peterson Hall of Science
Goal: $16 million

Peterson Hall, which houses the departments of biology, chemistry, and physics, was built in the 1960s. The current challenges with the building are both numerous and serious. As a 40-year-old building, Peterson is showing signs of age. Coe now has an opportunity to improve teaching and research, impacting future generations of students and helping the college to maintain its lead in science and technology.

Enrollments have increased significantly at Coe in recent years, and the rate of growth in the sciences has surpassed that of the college as a whole. In addition, the departments housed in Peterson Hall represent areas that have experienced great technological change impacting pedagogy. The need for a modern, state-of-the-art science facility is all the greater because of the sheer quality of Coe's science programs and faculty. Furthermore, the growing national recognition of the science programs has created an urgent need for modernizing teaching and research spaces to continue to move to the next level of academic excellence.

To maintain and build on this hallmark, Coe envisions the expansion, reconfiguration and renovation of Peterson Hall. The project will entail the construction of a 32,000-square-foot addition. Further, it will involve reconfiguring space throughout the existing building, creating classrooms and laboratories that are flexible. With the combination of a faculty of enviable quality and a modern facility, the possibilities for achievement will be endless.