Parents Council

Parents Council

Welcome to all parents of Coe College students!

Speaking for the Parents Council, we hope you find this webpage helpful in answering questions you have regardless of your student's status as a prospective or current Coe College student.

The Parents Council is an organization that was established to:

  • Promote parents' knowledge and understanding of Coe College's education program and policies.
  • Provide a communication channel between and among parents and Coe College.
  • Assist with internship and career opportunities for students.
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of new students.
  • Promote the development of Coe College through personal, corporate and foundation financial support.

You always have the opportunity to ask questions of the Parents Council, Coe College faculty or administration regarding topics for which you need clarification or simply more information. Some of the more typical questions that have been fielded by the Parents Council and Coe College staff include:

  • What are the residence halls like?
  • What kinds of appliances are permitted in the dorm rooms?
  • Are there other parents and Coe students who live in close proximity to you?
  • What happens the first week at Coe?
  • How is the security on campus?
  • Are students actively using the Career Services Department?
  • What activities does Cedar Rapids have that would interest my student?

In most instances, the answers can be found on the Coe College website. In the rare occurrence where the parent or student cannot find the answer to their question, the Coe College staff and Parents Council will help. Email addresses for the Coe College staff and Parents Council can be found on the Coe College website. Additionally, you can always call the Coe College general information number to be directed to the correct department or individual. You will receive a response to your email or telephone call as quickly as possible.

The Parents Council joins with the Coe College faculty and staff in expressing our wish to help your student have a successful college experience.


J. Danny Chang
Chair, Coe College Parents Council

For questions or to request more information, contact:

Megan Goodall
Director of Parent Programs
Coe College
1220 First Ave NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone: 319-399-8581