Registrar FAQ

How do my AP credits transfer?
We only take scores of 4 or higher for college credit. Students can bring up to 8 AP classes into Coe College. AP transfer credits never fulfill general education requirements but may fulfill major requirements as determined by the major department. A link to our AP Equivalency chart can be found here.

I am taking a class at a college this summer, will it transfer to Coe?
If the course meets these requirements, it will probably transfer into Coe:

  1. The course is a 3 semester hour or more course.
  2. Earns a "C" or higher in the course.
  3. Coe College has a similar class at Coe or would teach it within the liberal arts tradition.

An official transcript must be sent from the college before the class will transfer at Coe. To see if Coe has already transferred courses in from your college, please visit our Transfer Credit Policy page.

For more information on transfer credits please contact the Registrar's Office at 319-399-8526 or

How does Advising work at Coe?
At Coe, you are entered into what we call a First Year Seminar (FYS) course, whose instructor will become your first advisor. They spend time with you over your first semester, and are meant to help you transition into the college schedule and advise you through your first year. After your first semester at Coe, you may transition to an advisor within your chosen field of study or remain with your FYS advisor until you know what major you want to pursue. This has proven to be very helpful for all our students, not just those who enter Coe undecided.

What does 1 course credit equal in semester hours?
1 course credit = 4 semester hours.
To convert all of your work at Coe, multiply your Credits Earned (CE) by 4.

How can I verify my time at Coe for loans, scholarships, insurance, etc?
We offer online enrollment verification for current students through the National Clearinghouse, which they can access by logging into > Student Tab > Enrollment Verification/Loan Locator.

Are there general education requirements? How do I know if I am completing them?
A current student can see their general education progress on under the student tab > Advising on the left-hand side. They can even track their progress towards any declared major or minors here!

Are there credit requirements to earn a degree from Coe College?
Yes, and they are outlined in our Catalog. Students must either:

  1. Enroll full-time for eight 15-week terms of course work, and, in the process, successfully complete at least 30 full-credit (1.0 course credit) experiences; or
  2. Successfully complete at least 32 full-credit (1.0 course credit) experiences.