Information Technology/Computing FAQ

If I am bringing a computer, what brand does Coe recommend?
There isn’t a specific brand that we recommend, however, we do ask that it is no less than two years old. Certain Chromebooks have presented issues gaining access to the wireless network - please contact the IT department if you have questions at 319-399-8877 or email us at

Is campus wireless?
Most of the campus has wireless service. There are a few remote areas or basements where coverage is poor. Students will log into the wireless network called ISE-COE using their regular network username and password. All of your OS updates must be completed and you must have antivirus that has been updated to get onto the wireless network. For faster Internet or gaming, there is an ethernet jack in each dorm room that can be used.

Wireless Routers?
Personal wireless routers are not allowed on campus. They interfere with the wireless service in the resident halls and apartments and cannot be used in the resident rooms.

What sort of computer programs do I need to have on my computer?
Coe will provide students with antivirus and anti-spyware software. We encourage students to have Microsoft Office installed on their computer and/or other similar type software.

Does the college offer a discount for computers and/or software?
Yes. We offer a 5%-15% discount on apple computers. Coe's bookstore offers a discount on software (Microsoft Office) through their on-line store. All you need to have prior to receiving your software discount is your Student ID or Student ID number. If you are interested in receiving this discount, please contact the Coe College Bookstore located in lower Gage. Call 319-399-8569 or email