Nükhet Yarbrough
Stead Family Professor of Psychology

Nukhet YarbroughEducational background:
High School: Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey
B.A., Lindenwood College
M.A., Boğazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Email: nyarbrou@coe.edu

Research and academic interests:
I came to graduate school in the United States to study with Dr. Paul Torrance, internationally known for his research and tests on creative thinking. My research at Coe focused primarily on the investigations of how creative thinking test scores relate to other psychological and practical human characteristics. Over the years I looked at short term memory capacity and long term memory access as measured on computer tasks to millisecond accuracy in high and low scorers on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking.  In addition, I developed an instrument to measure tolerance for ambiguity in high and low scorers of creative thinking. This line of research yielded a number of conference papers with our students. I even took one of our students to a World Conference on creativity in Istanbul, my native city.  Currently I am engaged in an international norming study for the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking that I am hoping will interest some of my students who like to travel.

Classes taught at Coe:
Memory & Cognition,  Memory & Cognition Laboratory, Counseling Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Seminar in Psychology (previous topics: Creativity; Cross-Cultural Psychology), Advanced Experimental Psychology. Occasional courses on Turkey.

Special programs involved with at Coe:
I chair the Institutional Review Board.

Personal interests:
I love to cook! I sometimes read cookbooks for pleasure. Travelling, finding secluded bays to go swimming in Western Turkey, hiking, and kayaking are also my favorites.

Favorite Coe memory?  Favorite Coe Tradition?
Every Spring I look forward to our Psychology Research Symposium where our students present their research and then join us for a dinner in one of our homes. It is a wonderful celebration of their hard work.  It’s my favorite tradition.  A favorite memory is when we held a reception at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference one year, and a number of our alumni, some of whom were faculty members or graduate students, showed up. Having our current and former students in one place was such a treat!

Year you started teaching at Coe:

Why have you chosen to teach at Coe?
I am the product of a liberal arts institution, and value the close student-faculty collaboration and the growth that comes from it. Although I wanted to teach at a liberal arts college, I did not know when I took this position that I would like Coe so much that I would want to stay here till I retire.  We have students and faculty from all over the world making this a very stimulating and interesting place, but most importantly, I found Coe to be a very supportive place where we can all learn together.

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