Registrar's Office maintains academic integrity through teamwork, communication and a dash of humor

2018-01-16 07:15:13 - Kohawk Talk

Registrar's Ofice Staff
Registrar's Office Staff (L-R): Catherine Ashton, Shawna Massow, Jesse Upah, Megan Clark

From scheduling classes to distributing diplomas, the Registrar's Office plays a critical role on the Coe campus. When Catherine Ashton submitted each member of her team for recognition in the first newsletter, we decided it was a great opportunity to learn more about the office of the Registrar and the team! This office is a critical bridge between faculty, staff and students, but not everyone knows just what happens there and the role each of the team members plays. Get to know the team and learn more about their work through Ashton's answers to these questions:

What is the Registrar's Office, and what does it do?

The responsibilities of the Registrar's Office are first to administer college policies with integrity toward academic standards, accreditation and compliance. The RO maintains the integrity of the academic program through the review of graduation requirements, maintenance of the college catalog, articulation and oversight of transfer credits, verification of degree completion, enrollments, federal reporting and generation and distribution of diplomas. All additional functions are to the service of these aims.

Secondly, they coordinate the scheduling of classes, room assignments, registration, attendance and the enrollment reporting required with these functions. As part of the review of degree completion, they also record the grades and records of students, while updating and verifying the accuracy of these documents through various means of name changes, address changes, enrollment status, veteran status and degree verification.

Finally, they collaborate in the process of curriculum maintenance, transfer articulations, advising to completion, FERPA compliance and the support of utilizing technology to make all of these records accessible as appropriate for accreditation and federal compliance.

How does the Registrar's Office facilitate relationships between faculty/staff and students?  

The short answer to how we facilitate relationships is humor, coffee and communication. We see our role as educating people on the policies listed in the catalog and helping them navigate the processes in place to ensure those policies meet the mission of the college. It takes cooperation between students, faculty and staff to meet objectives like transcript evaluations, degree audits, registration and graduation. The responsiveness and responsibility shared by everyone makes the whole system rock and roll.

The team is all relatively new. How have you managed to work together over the past six months to create a cohesive team and run the office efficiently?

Each staff meeting includes staff development where one person in our group instructs us in an area of their expertise. We have learned about stress relief, meditation, professionalism, as well as room reservations, building courses in Jenzabar and the transcript evaluation process. What is great about this time is that everyone on the team has so many talents, and these meetings offer them a voice. We get to learn about each other and the work everyone is doing, but we also take a little time to learn about each other as individuals.

Tell us about successes in this first semester as a team. 

The fact that each day we came together to get through each challenge, each week and have learned to appreciate each other along the way says volumes about how much each person contributes. When Charlie Kohawk was in our office, the advancement team noted how busy the office is. That's a normal day for us. 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday is a speed race, and everyone brings their best. That is an accomplishment.

What are you proud of? 

The members of this team. Shawna is our veteran with two years under her belt. It's meant some long days and lots of patience. Still, she responds to the whole office, the student population and our faculty with professionalism and expertise. She helps to provide historical context to the way things were and how we may want to proceed into a successful future. Jesse is in his second year at Coe and steadily juggles the day-to-day barrage. Not only is he a friendly, funny and helpful individual, he's also willing to meet any random request that is asked of our office. Megan joined the team shortly after the first few weeks of class. Thank goodness she did because she is the new rock star. Smart, capable and efficient, she has mastered and improved on all the tasks sent her way. She's the friendly and chipper face greeting everyone who comes in.