Cutting-Edge Facilities for Future Kohawks

2017-11-15 15:32:14 - Kohawk Talk

Matt Walters shows of the new weight room at Coe.Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Walter

Three years ago, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Walter got the chance of a lifetime — the opportunity to design a brand-new weight room from the ground up, as a part of planned renovations to Coe’s Eby Fieldhouse. "These opportunities in this profession are pretty much once in a lifetime," said Walter. "Being able to design my own weight room is something I may never get to do again in my career."

More than just an exciting career milestone, the renovations represented the continued growth of the cutting-edge resources available at Coe. Walter was excited to join such an ambitious project — and he's even more excited now that Coe’s new Athletic and Recreation Complex (ARC) is finally opening its doors.

"I'm still pinching myself every day that I walk into our new weight room," said Walter. "By far, the best part was install day. Seeing everything come off the truck and come together in the room was very fulfilling."

In addition to the new weight room that Walter helped design, the ARC also includes a wrestling room, a multi-purpose court for recreational sports, classroom space and a fitness center. So the new facilities will benefit all students — and will likely help attract future Kohawks.

"Having multiple training spaces will allow people of all different backgrounds and experience levels to find a place to train that they will be comfortable in," said Walter. "But I think one of the greatest impacts will be from a recruiting standpoint. The facility is very impressive and we've received a lot of compliments from people who have visited. I'm very excited for the students to get back on campus and for future generations of Kohawks to reap the benefits of this new facility."

And it's not just about athletics — these renovations were part of a campaign to update both Eby and Hickok Hall, and those renovations are an important aspect of Coe's strategic plan, which aims to help Coe accommodate its growing student body. These changes are creating an exciting environment on campus and — especially for Walter — inspiring stronger school spirit.

"I feel more attached to this school every day. I think we are headed in the right direction," said Walter. "Now is the best time to be a Kohawk, hands-down."