Eastern Iowa Wrestling EXPOSED!

2017-09-21 09:48:48 - Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

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What you’re about to read is going to EXPOSE Eastern Iowa Wrestling

In this letter you’re going to discover…

  • The TRUTH behind Eastern Iowa Wrestling
  • WHY this club was started
  • The GOALS of EIWC and what we’re working toward
  • RESULTS of members who’ve embraced the principles and philosophies of this club
  • Valuable ADVICE on how you can help your young wrestler along
  • MISTAKES some parents make that can potentially derail their kids’ athletic development
  • How this club has SET THE STANDARD and is working toward making Iowa City and the eastern Iowa area the most dominant place in the WORLD for wrestling
  • How YOU can get involved right now
  • And more…

Eastern Iowa Wrestling is about to begin its 5th year here in Iowa City. Each year we have seen improvement with the members of this club.

First, let's take a look at some of the RESULTS from last year.

Starting with high school wrestlers…

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members earned 7 Iowa High School State Championships!

More than 30 EIWC members qualified for the Iowa High School Wrestling State Championships.

Over 20 of those EIWC members earned medals, earned their place on the podium, and got to walk The Grand March at the Iowa High School Wrestling State Championships.

There were Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members represented in every division—1A, 2A, 3A—who wrestled for medals at the Iowa High School Wrestling State Championships.

10 EIWC wrestlers were in the high school state finals.

7 Eastern Iowa Wrestling members earned the title of 2016 Iowa High School State Wrestling Champion.

Now moving on to the younger kids, 8th grade and below…

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members earned 6 Iowa AAU State Championships!

At the AAU State Wrestling Championships, 15 Eastern Iowa Wrestling members placed and earned a spot on the podium.

In addition to those state place-winners…

6 more EIWC members earned the title of 2016 Iowa AAU Wrestling State Champion. (That’s over 20 members from EIWC placing in the AAU Wrestling State Tournament, with 6 of them becoming state champions!)

Now let’s move on to some of the results from freestyle and Greco…

Eastern Iowa Wrestling members earned a total of 15 State Championships in Kids/Cadet/Junior Freestyle/Greco!

At the Iowa/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Championships, Eastern Iowa Wrestling had 1 state champion, and 12 others placed and earned spots on the podium.

At the Iowa/USA Wrestling Junior Greco State Championships, EIWC had 6 place-winners with 1 of them earning a Greco state championship.

At the Iowa/USA Wrestling Kids/Cadet Freestyle State Championships, 11 Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members placed, in addition to 5 others winning the whole thing, becoming freestyle state champions (that’s 16 total place-winners with 5 of them being champions).

At the Iowa/USA Wrestling Kids/Cadet Greco State Championships, 17 EIWC members placed, 8 of them becoming Greco state champions.

Eastern Iowa Wrestling athletes compete well at the national level and are building toward world and Olympic gold medals.

Three Eastern Iowa Wrestling members became UWW Greco All-Americans.

At the Cadet/Junior Freestyle/Greco National Championships in Fargo, 2 Eastern Iowa Wrestling members earned Junior Greco All-American status, 4 EIWC members earned Junior Freestyle All-American honors and got on the podium, and 1 member was a double All-American in Cadet, placing in both Greco and freestyle.

Fargo Cadet/Junior Nationals is a big part of the process in USA Wrestling’s feeder program toward world gold medals and Olympic gold medals. It’s that simple.

Fargo is a great event and we make it out there every year.

The bottom line is that you need to be able to have a situation where you can develop athletes and this is how you do it. Fargo is the pinnacle of the season. A lot of wrestlers and coaches use their state tournament as the last event of the year, and if you’re doing that, you’re thinking short-sighted. The Cadet/Junior Freestyle/Greco National Championships in Fargo is the pinnacle event of the year, no question.

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members move on to wrestle in college, we’ve already had EIWC wrestlers make world teams, and many have aspirations at the world and Olympic level.

In just the past couple years, more than 20 Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members have gone on to wrestle in different college programs across the country.

We want to make sure the EIWC wrestlers who move on to college have the tools and ability to be great student-athletes.

Our goal is to help develop athletes so they can have long, enjoyable, and illustrious careers.

We want our athletes to have unshakeable belief in themselves and their abilities.

We teach our wrestlers good habits that will enable them to become the absolute best wrestlers they can possibly be and make the most out of their wrestling careers and beyond into other aspects of life.

And we make sure the wrestlers at Easter Iowa Wrestling understand something that’s absolutely VITAL when it comes to getting the job done at the highest levels of wrestling, something that’s an absolute MUST-LEARN type of thing that just simply isn’t taught or understood much nowadays.

It is important that every member of this club understands the huge and lost concept of INDEPENDENCE.

We are going to work towards independence with your kids. Building that independence in athletes is a process that requires the athletes as well as the parents to trust the coaches.

What we mean by independence is this:

  • Being able to be self-driven.
  • Being able to get out of yourself what you know you need as a wrestler.
  • Being coachable, which means being able to respond positively to your coaches because you TRUST in the structure and process provided to you, and most importantly of all, because you believe in YOURSELF.
  • Knowing that if your coach gives you a recommendation, you don’t go rogue and go in another direction because doing that would undermine the coaches and program you’re involved in.
  • Being a leader through ACTION, by doing the right things on and off the mats.

One of the most important goals of the Eastern Iowa Wrestling coaching staff is to get all our wrestlers to believe in themselves and to do the right things whether they are with a group, whether they are part of a structured workout with a coach, or whether they are on their own.

This kind of independence, combined with LEADERSHIP, is how we will WIN.

Leadership is about the wrestlers training in Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club. We are only as strong as we lead. We will win through leadership, we will dominate through leadership, we will get better through leadership.

This kind of philosophy is HUGE, and here’s why:

The bulk of these kids’ training, for the most part, is probably going to be with their school clubs and school programs. That’s why…

We support all local school clubs!

These kids who are a part of Easter Iowa Wrestling are bringing independence and leadership to their school clubs and programs and helping them build up their school teams.

Doing that raises the level of wrestling in the entire state of Iowa, and will bring Iowa back to national prominence, where it should be!

There’s a reason that local school coaches throughout the eastern Iowa area are sending their kids to Eastern Iowa Wrestling…

It’s because they trust us, they know we back them up and that we’re here to help and support their wrestlers, and because, bottom line, their kids get a heck of a lot better with the supplemental training and guidance we provide them.

The athletes who take advantage of their EIWC memberships WIN more.

It’s a huge compliment to us whenever coaches call us to see if spots are available for their kids to train with us, and it’s something we take VERY SERIOUSLY.

Another compliment to this club is seeing the maturity taking place with the wrestlers in this club who truly embrace the ideas and philosophies of this club.

The EIWC members who get tough and stay the course are making the most progress.

Because the fact is…

When members in this club who have been dead even for years, and one stays the course and the other goes a different direction, what we have seen is that the one who stays the course always perseveres when the going gets tough. And that experience of staying the course and exhibiting the determination and courage it takes to do that will always benefit them for the rest of their lives, both on and off the mats.

We have seen that when members in this club who have been dead even for years on the competition mat, and one stays the course and the other goes a different direction, the one who stays the course always perseveres when the going gets tough. And that experience of staying the course and exhibiting the determination and courage it takes to do that will always benefit them for the rest of their lives, both on and off the mats.

On top of that, it gets even better for the wrestler who sticks with it, because over time, things become lopsided in that wrestler’s favor…

And that’s when DOMINATION happens!

That’s why it is absolutely crucial for athletes to be involved with a STABLE environment if they are going to build stable mentalities moving forward.

And as you well know, wrestling is a highly emotional sport full of highs and lows, and it takes a lot of maturity and emotional stability to be able to handle that. That goes for both the wrestlers AND the parents.

Commitment is not easy!

You’re probably familiar with this saying: “The grass is always greener on the other side.

Well, here’s another way—a better way to look at it—especially from a wrestling perspective:

The grass is always greener—unless you are unconditionally committed.

In this sport, what will set you apart from your competition will be the belief in the environment that you’re training in.

But what sometimes happens is, after a loss, a wrestler might lose a little belief, might be lost a little bit, and the temptation to go in other directions might weigh on them.

Sometimes wrestlers and parents make the mistake of reaching out to anything else that’s new around them to “fix” the problem. But a lot of times, when wrestlers lose their foundation and just start going where the wind blows, they often become more confused. And sometimes they’ll come back around and be even less competitive then when they left.

There have been times we’ve had kids go in different directions after experiencing some difficulty, or just because they were exposed to some misleading propaganda.

But what has happened more often than not is that these kids COME BACK TO US. They return to us—and we WELCOME them back!

And most times, when these kids come back, both the wrestlers and the parents say to us, “I’ll do anything you tell me.”

And even after losses, their focus, drive, and determination to win remains. Wrestlers
become hardened from those experiences if they’re in the right supportive environment.
Because when wrestlers stay true to a plan, and stay true to what their coaches teach them and talk to them about, and the wrestlers truly believe in the environment they’re in—no matter what happens on the competition mat—they know that what they’re doing is going to be the best way to serve them in their quest for gold medals.

More times than not, that’s going to produce a quality experience from a competitive point of view for the student-athlete. It’s not an automatic—it’s not a given. There will always be ups and downs during the process. But we’re talking for the most part.

And if you’re looking to give your student-athlete, or your child, the best opportunity to win…

You have to get them to believe in THEMSELVES through belief in the environment they’re in. And that belief has to be in their coaching staff, in the leadership, in the structure, and the way that their training is laid out.

And ultimately, all that manifests itself into a belief in themselves as student-athletes—and that’s where you start to see the gains being made.

Many of our EIWC wrestlers are doing a great job figuring things out, fixing their problems, getting tough, building maturity, and realizing that there’s only one way to do this—and that’s to believe in the environment they’re in and go forth from there in their quest for gold medals.

Be warned: There is a lot of misleading propaganda out there that can sway the uninformed and uncommitted!

Those who are on a constant search for the “QUICK FIX” or some crazy “secret” that will somehow magically take their kids wrestling to another level overnight are often the ones who get suckered into propaganda that takes them in directions that often SABOTAGE their kids’ long-term wresting success.

There are a lot of quality people involved with both the Hawkeye Wrestling Club and Eastern Iowa Wrestling.

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club members are doing a great job creating buzz for their home towns, for their families, for their school programs and coaches, for this club, and most importantly, for themselves.

EIWC is an EXTENSION of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club for youth and high school wrestlers.

Since 1973, the Hawkeye Wrestling Club has played a vital role in the continued success of not only the Iowa Wrestling program, but also our athletes’ quest to become World and Olympic Champions.

Since it began, the Hawkeye Wrestling Club has produced…

18 Olympians… 9 Olympic Medalists… 5 Olympic Champions…

20 World Team Members… 10 World Medalists… 4 World Champions…

We started Eastern Iowa Wrestling with the same principles and philosophies as the Hawkeye Wrestling Club.

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club is not a fundraiser for the HWC. It is simply the youth extension of the HWC for high school wrestlers down to youth wrestlers who want to get better.

We are all about DEVELOPING CHAMPIONS (refer to the accolades of the wrestlers involved in this club), and we want to help as many kids in the eastern Iowa area as we possibly can.

In addition to that, we are all about cultivating youth wrestlers’ love for the sport and helping these great kids along in their wrestling journey.

There are a lot of kids here in Iowa City with big wrestling dreams. We are committed to helping these young wrestlers get what they want.

The EIWC coaching staff was a big part of the campaign to keep wrestling in the Olympics!

Which brings us to the REAL REASON why EIWC was started…

Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club was founded to make Iowa City the most dominant place in the WORLD for wrestling!

We believe that Iowa City area and eastern Iowa should be the hub of wrestling–and not just in America–it should be the hub of wrestling for the WORLD. We believe that, we’ve always believed that, and it starts with Eastern Iowa Wrestling. EIWC is the first step toward making that happen.

And we’ve got a lot of support moving forward from the people involved in this club, including local school coaches, staff, committed members (both wrestlers and parents), the Hawkeye Wrestling Club, and others all over the nation who can see what we’re working toward.

There’s a lot of work to do in order to make the eastern Iowa area the most dominant place in the world for wrestling, and it’s going to take cohesion and trust between us and the local school coaches, but there is no doubt we will get there!

There is no question that Eastern Iowa Wrestling has set the standard.

Now if you wanna talk about bang for your buck, you will not get more bang for your buck anywhere else when you take into account what’s REALLY IMPORTANT, what matters MOST, like the kind of value that we provide our members, the unprecedented availability of our coaching staff (even on holidays), the education and guidance your kids will get regarding all things having to do with wrestling, like diet/nutrition, strength training, conditioning, visualization, recovery, peaking, mental toughness, motivation, fortitude and durability, imagination, technique, positioning, fight, the list goes on…

And if you wanna talk about rates, well, let’s put it this way: No parents have ever told us, “We’re just looking for a club with the lowest rates.” So when you’re thinking of enrolling in a wrestling club and you want the most VALUE for your money from a developmental point of view, you will not find a better deal than what you’ll get by being a member of Eastern Iowa Wrestling.

You’re going to be very happy with your decision to join Eastern Iowa Wrestling.

And when you see first-hand the growth that takes place with the wrestlers in this club both mentally and physically, you will be happy you made the investment to join this club. And when you look back at the money you invested, it’ll seem like peanuts when you feel the joy of seeing your kids growing, getting tougher, persevering through the ups and downs, having incredible success, and enjoying themselves in this sport we all love so much.

So make no mistake…

This club is about WRESTLING and this club is about the WRESTLERS. It’s about YOUR KIDS and their well-being.

We get calls, text messages, and emails weekly from happily involved parents, and from school coaches who have encouraged their athletes to come to us for supplemental training. We get thank you notes from wrestlers who have both moved on from this club and are now in college, and from wrestlers still in this program.

So here’s our PROMISE to you:

Your kids in this club are going to become more independent. Your kids are going to get tougher. Your kids are going to be held accountable. Your kids are going to become more mature.

Your kids are going to get better.

And if you don’t want to just take our word for it, simply refer to the accomplishments of the happily involved members in our club. Take a look at how they handle themselves. Talk to the parents, wrestlers, and school coaches of the wrestlers in this club who have embraced the ideas and philosophies of this club. They’ll tell you the truth, they’ll tell you what this club is really about.

This year, Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club practices will begin on Thursday, September 29th.

And as of right now, we will welcome anyone mature enough to handle the training in this club.

Would YOU like to be a part of this club?

If so, call 319-504-5052 right now and you’ll be able to have your questions answered. You’ll also get to meet with a coach in person so we can see if you’re a good fit for this club and to make sure we can meet your needs (we are confident we can and will).

Hopefully this letter has shed some light on some things about Eastern Iowa Wrestling.

We will continue to teach kids to bring the fight to the mat and we will continue to keep helping local wrestlers get better.

We wish you nothing but the best. Thanks for your time and thanks for your attention. Much appreciation.

Your Eastern Iowa Wrestling Coaching Staff,

Terry Brands, Joe Slaton, James Kelly, Matt McDonough

Eastern Iowa Wrestling
An extension of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club