Coe College featured in The Princeton Review's "The Best 382 Colleges" 2018 edition

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2017-08-01 08:57:49 - General

Coe College is one of the nation's best institutions for undergraduate education, according to The Princeton Review. The education services company features Coe in the new 2018 edition of its flagship college guide, "The Best 382 Colleges."

Only about 15 percent of America's 2,500 four-year colleges and four colleges outside the U.S. are profiled in the book, which is one of The Princeton Review's most popular guides. Published annually since 1992, it includes detailed profiles of the colleges with rating scores for all schools in eight categories, plus ranking lists of top 20 schools in the book in 62 categories based on The Princeton Review's surveys of students attending the colleges.

In its profile featuring Coe, The Princeton Review quoted students who praised the college for fostering "an environment where student growth through leadership and responsibility is possible." Among comments about the Coe experience, students noted the Coe community is so close knit that "once one Kohawk goes and finds success somewhere, they make sure to bring others along with them."

Coe students characterized professors as "devoted to the understanding of course context and success of the students" and said the college "has a great aptitude for raising the bar when it comes to the personal development of its students." Further, professors at Coe "love sharing knowledge and finding opportunities for students to achieve their fullest potential," which allows students "to gain skill and knowledge that may not be available at a bigger college."

According to the Princeton Review, wellness is a huge part of Coe's culture, along with an abundance of on-campus activities. Community service is also emphasized at Coe, with ample opportunities to volunteer in the Cedar Rapids area. The profile also heralded the welcoming library, strong multicultural organizations and diverse student body as strengths of the college. The survey characterized the student body as "friendly, but opinionated," with "a diversity of ideas, opinions and leanings." One student noted, "If I am struggling with carrying something, I don't know where I'm going, or need help with a class, people will go out of their way to help me regardless if I know them or not."

In the "Survey Says" sidebar in the book's Coe profile, The Princeton Review editors listed topics that Coe students were in most agreement about in their answers to survey questions. The list includes: "Students are happy," "classrooms and lab facilities are great," "internships are widely available," there are "active minority support groups" on campus, it is "easy to get around on campus," and "students love Cedar Rapids."

"We chose Coe College for this book because it offers outstanding academics," said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review's editor-in-chief and author of "The Best 382 Colleges." "Our selections are primarily based on our surveys of administrators at several hundred four-year colleges. We also visit dozens of colleges each year and give considerable weight to opinions of our staff and our 24-member National College Advisory Board. Most importantly, we look at valuable feedback we get from each school's customers - our surveys of the students attending them. We also keep a wide representation of colleges in the book by region, size selectivity and character."

Coe President David McInally affirmed that the college takes pride in being selected for the "Best Colleges" book.

"Through the college's inclusion in this Princeton Review publication, Coe has once again received recognition as a national leader in higher education," said McInally. "Along with highlighting the college's outstanding reputation for academic quality, the profile also provides insight into the combination of factors that make Coe's culture exceptionally friendly and supportive. With a student-centered environment within the campus community, Kohawks are transformed with life-changing experiences, gain confidence in themselves and their future potential, and are rewarded with success when they graduate from Coe."

Coe College offers superb academics and exciting co-curricular activities in a thriving urban setting that promotes student growth and success. Established in 1851, Coe has a national reputation for academic excellence enhanced by a student-centered, highly supportive campus environment. Coe's vibrant Cedar Rapids location provides an abundance of internships for students and career opportunities for graduates.