Coe College enrolls second-largest class in its history

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2016-09-15 08:34:14 - General

Historically high enrollment and diversity, strong academic profiles and record number of students in residence at Coe

Coe College: Coe makes it possible. You make it happen.Continuing the trend of historically high enrollments over the past three years, Coe College has welcomed 418 new students this fall - the second-largest class in its history. The sizable and highly diverse first-year class contributed to a record number of students living on campus. In addition, the average academic profile of the class of 2020 is strong, maintaining Coe's long-standing tradition of academic excellence.

Coe has registered 1,318 full-time students for fall term, which is the fourth-largest full-time enrollment at the college. In all, Coe has 1,410 full and part-time students registered for fall term, the fourth-largest overall enrollment in its history.

While this year's incoming class is large, the profile of the new students enhances Coe's reputation for academic excellence. Members of the class of 2020 have an average ACT score of 26 and grade point average of 3.6. A remarkable 58 first-year students scored 30 or greater on the ACT test. As well, more than 31 percent of first-year class members ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating classes.

As a residential college, Coe has 1,209 students in campus housing for the fall term, which ties last year's record. Of special note, the college has first-time students of color representing more than 27 percent of the entering class. This is a historically high level of student diversity and demonstrates Coe's commitment to a diverse campus community.

This year's Coe class includes students from 24 states and several countries. Out-of-state students comprise more than 60 percent of the class.

"Once again this year, we are pleased to welcome a historically large class to Coe College," said Coe President David McInally. "With exceptional test scores, grade point averages and high school classroom performance, our first-year students advance Coe's reputation for academic excellence. In addition, we are pleased to have such a diverse group of students join and enrich our campus community. Finally, the record number of students living at Coe promotes a vibrant campus environment."

Coe College offers superb academics and exciting co-curricular activities in a thriving urban setting that promotes student growth and success. Established in 1851, Coe has a national reputation for academic excellence enhanced by a student-centered, highly supportive campus environment. Coe's vibrant Cedar Rapids location provides an abundance of internships for students and career opportunities for graduates.