Coe reports largest first-year class and record full-time enrollment

Extra: Rod Pritchard, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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2013-09-10 13:11:42 - General

Coe College has a record number of first-year students and the largest number of full-time students enrolled in its history this fall. In addition, the college has the largest-ever number of students in residence and posted a record number of applications. Meanwhile, the average academic profile of the Coe class of 2017 remains historically strong.

The college has an enrollment of 418 new students, breaking the previous record of 410 set in 1992. This includes an all-time record high 389 first-year students, well above the previous record of 364 set last year.

Coe has registered 1,338 full-time students for fall term, the highest enrollment in its history. This is above the previous high of 1,312 full-time students in 2011 and 1,304 full-time students last fall. In all, Coe has 1,420 full and part-time students registered for fall term.

While this year's incoming class is large, the profile of the new students continues the Coe tradition of academic quality. The class of 2017 has an average ACT score of 25.7 and grade point average of 3.63. An impressive 54 first-year students scored 30 or greater on the ACT test. As well, 31.5 percent of first-year class members ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class.

As a residential college, Coe also has a record number of students - 1,186 - in campus housing for the fall term, up from last year's record of 1,142. In addition, the college has 77 first-time students of color, representing more than 18 percent of the entering class and demonstrating Coe's commitment to increased diversity on its campus.

Coe received a record 3,096 applications for admission for the fall of 2013, the highest number in the college's history. Out-of-state students comprise more than 54 percent of the class of 2017. This year's Coe class includes students from 21 states and five foreign countries.

"This is truly an extraordinary year at Coe, as we welcome both the largest class ever to enroll at the college and a record number of full-time students to study on our campus," said Coe President David McInally. "Students in the class of 2017 are maintaining Coe's tradition of academic excellence, as demonstrated by their impressive average test scores, grade point averages and high school classroom performance. In addition, the record number of first-year students is consistent with the college's multi-year plan for enrollment growth, all while building upon Coe's well-established academic quality and vibrant residential campus environment."