Ensemble: Périphérie plans Coe performance

Extra: Rod Pritchard, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
(319) 399-8605 or rpritcha@coe.edu

2013-02-28 09:07:43 - General

As part of its 2013 concert tour, Ensemble: Périphérie will perform in Daehler-Kitchin Auditorium of Marquis Hall at Coe College on Saturday, March 9, beginning at 7 p.m. It is open to the public at no charge. Ensemble: Périphérie is appearing at venues throughout the Midwest in March as a prelude to the group's debut performance in New York City’s Carnegie Hall in October.

At Coe, the concert will feature works by David Gompper, Louis Karchin and Irina Dubkova, as well as newly composed works by Ensemble: Périphérie’s artistic directors, Coe Music Professor Joseph Dangerfield and Luke Dahn. Giacinto Scelsi's riveting "Dharana" for cello and double bass will round out the program.

The mission of Ensemble: Périphérie (EP) is to promote contemporary music by presenting stimulating and inspiring concerts of new chamber works, by commissioning new works from both emerging and established composers, and by inviting audiences to join the group in recognizing great art of our time. Established in 2010 by composers Joseph Dangerfield and Luke Dahn, EP consists of a core group of performing artists in the Midwestern region. One of the primary goals of EP is to bring greater exposure to composers and works that are underperformed and neglected - that is, music that lies on the periphery.

Members of the advisory board are David Gompper, Robert Platz and Glenn Watkins.

For more information and program details contact the Coe Music Department at 399-8521.