Zeuxis "Reflections" featured at opening Coe art exhibit

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2012-08-31 14:46:02 - General

A painting by Tim Kennedy

A painting by Robert Jessel

A painting by Al Kresh

The opening art show of the 2012-13 season at Coe College features an exhibition series highlighting the creative work of Zeuxis - an association of still life painters. As the name implies, "Reflections" paintings incorporate a reflected object into each piece. In addition, one of the exhibitors - Tim Kennedy - is serving as this year's Kocher Visiting Guest Artist.

The exhibit opens in conjunction with a reception in the Sinclair Auditorium lobby on Friday, Sept. 14, from 5 - 7 p.m. The artwork will continue to be displayed from Sept. 15 through Oct. 7 from 4 - 6 p.m. daily in the Marvin Cone and Eaton-Buchan Galleries of Sinclair on the Coe campus. The reception and the exhibition are free and open to the public.

Kennedy will also give an artist's talk on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 10 a.m. in Dows Fine Arts Center, and a gallery talk in Sinclair on Friday, Oct. 5 at 2 p.m.

"Zeuxis is a grassroots organization of painters formed in 1995 to explore the contemporary possibilities of still life," said Coe Gallery Director Jennifer Rogers. "The group has more than 20 members, and for this special exhibition, has included the work of eight additional artists. Coe is the third of five stops for this touring show in which all works explore the curious nature of reflection."

For their latest exhibition titled "Reflections," Zeuxis artists and their guests have each agreed to produce a still life incorporating a reflecting object. The nature of the reflection - its surface (likely a mirror, though possibly glass or silverware) and the image reflected (still life objects, a window, or even a self-portrait) - was determined by each individual artist.

Reflections have long intrigued painters, and served them in various ways. Jan van Eyck, for his own mysterious purposes, famously placed a convex mirror in the background of his double portrait "The Arnolfini Wedding" (1434). In modern times, Bonnard and Matisse employed the worlds-within-worlds of mirrors to dramatize the visual paradoxes and dramas of light and space. And spanning these eras is another, enduring characteristic. It symbolizes the inquiry behind the act of painting - itself a reflection, invariably, of an individual’s encounter with the human experience.

Visiting Artist Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy earned a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh and an MFA from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, N.Y. He began an affiliation with Indiana University in Bloomington in 1998, where he currently teaches painting, drawing and design.

Since 1982, his paintings have been shown at solo exhibitions at private galleries and college and universities exhibits in Boston, New York, Indiana, and numerous other locations. During his career, he has received numerous grants and awards.

For more information on the exhibit, call 399-8581.