Holocaust survivor Elane Geller to speak at Coe

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2011-03-21 15:21:36 - General

Holocaust survivor Elane Geller will speak about her World War II era experiences at Coe College on Tuesday, April 5, at 3:30 p.m. in Kesler Lecture Hall of Hickok Hall. Titled “Remembering the Holocaust: A Survivor’s Story,” Geller’s presentation will be free and open to the public.

Geller was 4-years-old when she and her father were taken by force to the town square of her small hometown in Poland. The Nazis had gathered several Jews and were murdering people who could not be productive in work camps. Geller and her father watched as the Nazis shot and killed many people, including Geller’s elderly grandparents and her mother, who was recovering from surgery.

Geller was separated from her father, brothers and sisters, and was accompanied by an aunt to a series of camps in Poland. She was imprisoned with 13-year-old Anne Frank at Bergen-Belsen, where Frank was eventually killed. One of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust, Geller was rescued from the camp by British soldiers in 1944 when she was nine.

Today, Geller is a representative of the Outreach Program of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. Silent for almost 35 years, she has felt compelled to speak out for the past 20 years on the dangers of silence and apathy. Geller travels across the country sharing her experiences with others so they can understand the effects of discrimination.

This event is sponsored by the Joan and David Thaler Holocaust Memorial Foundation. For more information, call 399-8581.