Belgrade-based DAH Theatre plans performances, lecture at Coe

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2010-10-05 15:08:33 - General

A Belgrade-based theatre company that emerged amidst the violence and turmoil of the Yugoslav War in 1991 will be performing and offering a guest lecture as part of upcoming appearances at Coe College. DAH Theatre is a globally recognized and revered theatre group famous for its powerful statements against war and violence, particularly dealing with issues of social justice.

DAH means "breath"—to breathe in, to gather strength, to persevere, and to honor the spirit of life in warmth, movement and creation. Directors Jadranka Andelić, Dijana Milošević and Maja Mitić formed DAH Theatre in Serbia in the midst of great political turmoil and war. DAH Theatre presented anti-war performances outdoors in the center of Belgrade at a time when it was forbidden to even mention the war. Since then, they have created street performances and theatrical plays protesting militarism, nationalism, and gender inequality of Serbian society. The themes through which DAH Theatre expresses its poetics are always connected to the position of an individual in dark times and history.

Since its founding in Serbia, the group has performed to override political censorship and become the voice of a suppressed people. DAH Theatre demonstrates a new kind of theatrical phenomena consisting of well-conditioned and trained performers who transcend genres to act, sing and dance to create a dynamic, movement-oriented performance. In 2007, the company was awarded the Otto Award for Political Theatre.

Coe Theatre Professor Dennis Barnett invited the group to perform at Coe, and in the process, created the first major U.S. tour for the group.  From late September through early November, DAH Theatre will be performing in venues including the LaMama Theatre in New York City, Brown University, Georgetown University, the University of Richmond, the Chicago Art Institute, Grinnell College, and the University of Iowa.

While at Coe, DAH Theatre will also be presenting workshops for students and be integrally involved in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Performance Educators Conference being held on campus.

At Coe, the group's performances are as follows:

Oct. 18 - 19: "The Story of Tea," 8 p.m. Dows Theatre, sponsored by Marquis Series.
One of the group's most acclaimed works; loosely based on Chekhov's "The Three Sisters," it discusses memory, truth and the stark reality that the two do not always go together.

Oct. 22 - 23: "Crossing the Line," 8 p.m. Dows Theatre, co-sponsored by Off-Stage Players, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, CSPS, and 7 Stages.
“Crossing the Line” is based on text from “Women’s Side of War,” a book edited by the Women in Black organization.  The book is a collection of women’s testimonies about the wars that took place on the soil of the former republic of Yugoslavia from 1991-1999. The stories describe the specific suffering of women in war, but they also capture the courage and strength of overcoming the traumas of war while establishing a normal life.

Tickets for these performances are $15 for the general public, $10 for students and seniors. Tickets will be available at the door or by calling the Coe College Box Office at 319-399-8600, Monday – Friday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Oct. 19: Lecture entitled "The Role of the Artist in Dark Times," 11 a.m., in Sinclair Auditorium, no charge and no tickets required.  This presentation includes video excerpts by DAH Director Dijana Milošević, who will discuss the place of the theatre in society when people are suffering in a war-torn country.

For more information, go to or call 399-8600.