"The Puzzle Master" to be performed at Coe College

Extra: Rod Pritchard, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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2008-08-28 08:26:21 - General

"The Puzzle Master," a musical retelling of the Greek mythological poem "Icarus," will be performed at Coe College on Thursday, Sept. 11, beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Daehler-Kitchin Auditorium of Marquis Hall, located directly behind Sinclair Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public, with no tickets required.

Presented as a multimedia piece, with music by Eric Chasalow and libretto by F.D. Reeve, "The Puzzle Master" features the talents of five performers and a pianist, directed by Coe Assistant Professor of Music Joseph Dangerfield. "The Puzzle Master" offers a sassy, penetrating look at our world's political performances and cultural values.

The setting for the performance is an imaginary island in the Caribbean where Delling, a world-famous engineer and inventor, has ended up after a fantastic career. Scene by scene, the audience is exposed to reenactments of the crucial and colorful events in Delling's life. The chorus summarizes his life while he ponders the significance of new information technology for future engineering projects and blames himself for the loss of his son, who, like his father, "insisted on his immortal right to be free."

According to a favorable review in The Boston Globe, "Reeve's modern libretto is eloquent and sly, and Chasalow, who specializes in electro-acoustic music, has set the text with integrity, supple craft, and at times arresting beauty. Delling often sings in a kind of lyrical and expressive sprechstimme and the writing for the 'chorus' ranges from a bracing style full of wide leaps to a very poignant madrigal-like setting spiked with pungent dissonances. For the passage where the chorus comforts Ingram's soul after he has fallen into the sea, Chasalow writes a kind of church-like music that sounds at once both ancient and very modern."

The event is sponsored by Friends of Music at Coe. For more information, call 399-8521.