Scholarship Opportunities - Frequently Asked Questions

The Coe College Music Scholarship Auditions are open to all incoming accepted students. This includes music majors, music minors and participants.

What are the dates for the Music Scholarship Auditions and where will they be held?
Auditions will be held during Crimson & Gold Visit Days on September 16, October 7, and November 11, 2017; and January 27 and February 11, 2018 in Marquis Hall on Coe College's campus.

If I have a conflict, what are my options?
If you are unable to participate on the published weekends, please contact us and we will try to arrange another time.

May I audition by sending a DVD or CD?
The Faculty prefers the on-site audition as it allows us to have a more complete understanding of your talents. However those musicians living outside of Iowa and its contiguous states may find it necessary, because of distance, to send an audio or video performance tape. Applicants for the Williston Jones Marshall Music Scholarship are required to audition on campus.

Should I bring an accompanist?
Auditionees are encouraged to bring their own accompanists. If this is not possible, Coe will provide an accompanist. Please avoid auditioning with a pre-recorded accompaniment.

What is the audition process?
You should plan to perform two pieces or movements of standard literature in contrasting styles, for a total performance time of 5-7 minutes; for longer works, excerpts are permitted. Please omit any D.C.’s and/or D.S.’s from your performance.

Each audition will be followed by a question and answer period with music faculty. This is a wonderful time in which to become acquainted with our professors. Additional guidelines for specific performance areas include the following:

  • Piano and vocal competitors must have their selections memorized.
  • Pianists, organists and guitarists must demonstrate a second instrument or voice during their audition time. This second instrument will be used to assign those awarded music scholarships to a primary performing ensemble (band, orchestra or choir).
  • Applicants for the Marshall Music Scholarships will be given a brief assessment of basic musicianship and theory skills.  Music majors interested in being considered for one of these premiere awards must also supply additional recommendation and application information.
  • Prospective composition majors should send at least one original score to the address listed below prior to the audition.

Do my parents have permission to listen to my audition?
Your parents or teacher may accompany you to your audition and we certainly encourage their presence. However, they will not be able to listen to your audition except through the door! If one of them is your accompanist, he/she is welcome in the audition center for the performance part of your audition.

May I audition on more than one instrument?
Auditioning on more than one instrument is allowed. However, the audition parameters will remain the same (i.e. two pieces or movements in total, so one performance on each instrument).

Where do I send my music?
Music for your Coe-provided accompanist should be received by the Music Department no later than two weeks prior to your audition date. You may mail the scores, fax or email a copy; please bring the original scores to your audition.

Coe College Department of Music
Attn: Dept Chair
1220 First Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
Fax: 319-399-8209

How and when will I be notified of the auditions results?
You should receive written notification of your results within 4-6 weeks.