Molecular Biology

Prof. Christensen and student.

Collateral Major in Molecular Biology

Leonardo, Administrative Coordinator.

This major might be considered by students who are interested in finding technical positions in academia or industry after graduation, for those planning to pursue a graduate program in molecular biology, cell biology or microbiology, or for students interested in going to medical school. Lab courses are newly redesigned to be more discovery-based, teaching the processes of science. Student participation is emphasized in hypothesis formulation, experimental design, data collection, data analysis, and the composition of papers in a format conventional to science.  Students who undertake the Molecular Biology collateral will have opportunities to apply the knowledge they acquire in the classroom and laboratory to the type of complex challenges they will face after they leave Coe.

Other benefits of Coe's Molecular Biology Collateral Major include:

  • Individualized instruction from skilled research faculty who can help you achieve your career goals
  • Research training for the 21st century in a newly renovated (Summer 2012) Science building
  • Active Biology Club providing support for the rigorous advanced courses (e.g. study groups, presentations by scientific professionals, etc.)

A student looks through a microscope in the newly renovated Peterson Hall.Coursework Highlights

  1. Completion of a major in Biology
  2. CHM-185 Organic Chemistry I
  3. CHM-225 Organic Chemistry II
  4. CHM-235 Organic Laboratory
  5. BIO-345 & BIO-340 Techniques in Molecular Biology and Laboratory
  6. One of the following:
    CHM-405 Biochemistry
    CHM-905 & CHM-900 Protein Biochemistry and Laboratory
  7. One of the following:
    BIO-405 Current Topics in Molecular Biology
    BIO-425 Virology
    BIO-499 Immunology
  8. One of the following:
    BIO-415 & BIO-410 Developmental Biology and Laboratory
    BIO-515 & BIO-510 Microbiology and Laboratory
    BIO-525 & BIO-520 Cell Physiology and Laboratory

Strongly recommended: PHY-115 Basic Physics I PHY-135 Basic Physics II -OR- PHY-215 General Physics I PHY-225 General Physics II

Because of significantly overlapping course requirements in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry collateral majors, only one of the two majors can be elected by a student.