Mathematics and Computer Science

Coe is an exciting place to be a student in the mathematical sciences. We have an active community of students and faculty participating in a variety of pursuits. The department offers a complete range of courses, with majors and minors available in both mathematics and computer science, as well as courses in statistics for additional breadth. We are dedicated to the belief that the mathematical sciences and the habits of mind that they engender are perfect components of a fine liberal arts education.

The department's curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of a range of students' interests and abilities. We pride ourselves on the individual attention we provide through small classes and extra contact with faculty outside the classroom. Our course offerings are wide enough and flexible enough to suit each individual in a personalized atmosphere, starting with the basics and progressing to a level suitable both for positions in industry and for continuing on to graduate study.

Why study Mathematics and Computer Science at Coe?

  • Extremely high success rate after college
  • Ability to double major e.g. (math/physics) (math/music) (computer science/sociology)...
  • Research opportunities (summer off-campus REUs or on-campus college funded)
  • Variety of course offerings (compared to other liberal arts institutions)
  • Faculty flexibility to teach the classes the students want & need
  • Atmosphere¬† (the Lindsay lounge by the Math Sci. offices allows for a very collegiate atmosphere both among the students & between the profs & the students)
  • Internships (many possibilities in the Cedar Rapids area)

Coe's students have a wide range of activities to chose from outside the classroom:

  • Professor Kent Herron and studentFrequent Math Club activities
  • Association for Computing Machinery's International Collegiate Programming Contest
  • The annual Putnam Mathematical Competition
  • The Iowa Section of the MAA's Collegiate Mathematics Competition
  • Numerous internship opportunities in the metropolitan area
  • Summer research programs both on and off campus
  • Off-campus study programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and elsewhere
  • Senior honors projects on a wide range of topics

Beginning with the Fall 2006 term, the department moved into newly renovated space with the newest technology designed right into all classrooms and work spaces. Smart classrooms, graphing calculators, computer algebra systems like Mathematica and Maple, statistical software like Minitab and SPSS, and up-to-date software development systems such as .NET are all available and used extensively throughout our department.

10 Reasons to choose Coe for Mathematics or Computer Science:

  1. Summer research opportunities
  2. Pi Day Celebrations (March 14th)
  3. Departmental Facilities
  4. Weekly Colloquia
  5. Math Game Nights
  6. Hang out with friends in the Lindsay Lounge
  7. Nightly Math Help Sessions
  8. Student input on classes offered
  9. Small class sizes
  10. High graduate success rate