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The Coe College Marshall Music Scholarship

A Full-Tuition Scholarship for students entering the Department of Music who seek to pursue the Bachelor of Music degree in Composition, Music Education, or Performance

Who is Eligible?

Prospective students who will enter Coe College with a minimum 3.0 high-school GPA will be eligible to compete for a Marshall Scholarship in the spring prior to their fall enrollment. Candidates should have the motivation and background to pursue a pre-professional degree (Bachelor of Music) in one of the three tracks offered at Coe College: Composition, Music Education, and Performance. The Bachelor of Music degree is described in greater detail on the application form. Demonstrated financial need shall not be a criterion for selection, though applicants will be expected to apply for all state and federal aid for which they are eligible. Prospects will audition at the Fine Arts Competition in February and, based on the audition and interview, music faculty will select the winners.

What is the Scholarship Amount?

The scholarship (in combination with any federal or state gift aid) will provide a generous award to be applied toward tuition equivalent to the amount of the tuition at the time of matriculation. Currently the amount of the award is $38,750 per year, or a total award of $155,000 over four years. The award does not apply to room, board, fees, or expenses. The scholarship will be continued for the same amount in the sophomore, junior, and senior years, provided the recipients declare their intent to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree, remain on track in their major, and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in coursework.

How do I Apply?

  1. Complete the necessary forms for Admission to Coe College.
  2. Complete the Marshall Scholarship application form.
  3. Submit a brief letter of support from a teacher or an administrator who can attest to your musical accomplishments and your potential to achieve.
  4. Submit music for a Coe-provided accompanist if needed.
  5. Perform an audition, complete a brief assessment of basic musicianship skills, and participate in an interview with a committee on the Coe College campus by February 15, 2015.
  6. Letter of support, and accompaniment (if using a Coe-provided accompanist) must be received two weeks prior to your audition date.

Application for admission to Coe College should be completed online or mailed to:

Office of Admission
Coe College
1220 First Avenue, NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

The scholarship application form (below) may be submitted online or mailed to the following address. The letter of support and music for a Coe provided accompanist may also be mailed to the address below:

Marshall Scholarship Competition
Music Department
Coe College
1220 First Avenue, NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Or emailed to
Or faxed to 319-399-8209

Online Scholarship Application Form

(printable form)

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name
Home Address
Zip Code
Home Phone

Musical and Academic Background

High School
Do you study privately?
If yes, how many years?
Name of instructor or private teacher
Applicant's primary instrument or voice (be specific - e.g euphonium TC, alto sax, mezzo soprano, etc.)
Applicant's secondary instrument or voice
GPA (cumulative)
ACT Composite
SAT Composite
Class Rank
Class Size
The Bachelor of Music degree at Coe College is an intense pre-professional music curriculum, designed to prepare students for professional careers in music or for graduate study in music. Approximately two-thirds of the required coursework is in the Music Department, as compared to the Bachelor of Arts degree in music which requires about one-third of the total coursework to be in music subjects. As a result, while double majors are possible with the Bachelor of Arts degree, they are not practical, at least within a typical four-year framework, when one pursues the Bachelor of Music degree.
Do you intend to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree at Coe?
If you answered yes to the question above, which emphasis do you intend to pursue?
Please list briefly any honors or accomplishments that might indicate your eligibility for this award.

Please contact the Admission Office for more information.

Phone: 319.399.8500
Toll Free: 877.CALL.COE