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Library Spaces

There are many spaces in the library available for use by students, staff and faculty. These can be used for formal training and learning or study and contemplation.

The following are available for walk ins:

  • Conference room - main level (also available for reservation)
  • Seminar room - main level (also available for reservation)
  • Bodey Room - 2nd level
  • Eaton Room - 2nd level
  • Small group study rooms (6 total) - basement, main level, and 2nd level

The following spaces must be reserved for use with the individual listed:

  • Richter Room
    Located on the main level, the Richter Room has a large conference table that will seat 14 with plenty of space for extra chairs. A lovely reception area. Contact Cheri Pettibone (x8023) to reserve.
  • Engle Room
    The Engle room is located on the second level, it will seat up to ten around the small conference table. Contact Cheri Pettibone (x8023) to reserve.
  • Perrine Gallery
    Located on the second floor, the Perrine Gallery is a lovely open space that can be set up for many different occasions; receptions, dinners, lectures, displays. Contact Cheri Pettibone (x8023) to reserve.
  • Individual Study carrels
    Located on second & third floors. These areas are great for use with extended research projects. Contact Sandy Blanchard (x8595) to reserve.
  • Classroom
    Located on the main level, the library classroom is completely equipped as a "smart" classroom and has desks that can easily be organized into various configurations. Will comfortably seat 20. Contact Elizabeth Hoover de Galvez (x8017) or Harlene Hansen (x8016) to reserve.
  • Audiovisual
    The Audiovisual (AV) Department has two spaces available in the library, manages Kesler Lecture Hall, in Hickok, and Coe's Television studio. For more information please see AV's facilities page. To reserve one of these spaces contact Laura Riskedahl (x8211) or Linda Hummel (x8584) to reserve.

Library Galleries & Artwork

For photographs and more information on these rooms,

visit the Library Spaces and Equipment Page