International Business

The major in International Business focuses on issues impacting both domestic and multinational corporations such as the structuring of international business transactions and production, the importance of supra-national governance (such as regional trade agreements and international organizations,) and theories of managing, financing, and marketing across cultures and environments. Students completing the major will be well prepared for additional international business studies at graduate or professional school. The major will also provide a strong foundation for careers that have an international focus.

The international majors in the Stead Department of Business Administration and Economics allow students interested in international issues to concentrate their studies on courses that include theories, concepts, and models helpful in understanding the complex international environment. In addition to courses in business and/or economics, the majors require study of a foreign language and either study-abroad experience or a significant project focused on an international topic.

Students who want to study business and/or economics and who also plan to study abroad, either for a semester or May Term, may find this major attractive. Interested students who want to learn more about these majors should meet with a faculty member in the Business Administration and Economics Department.

International Business Major

  1. BUS-205 Principles of Accounting I
  2. ECO-205 Principles of Macroeconomics
  3. ECO-215 Principles of Microeconomics
  4. BUS-240 Statistical Analysis
  5. One of the following:
    BUS-245 Human Resource Management
    BUS-275 Principles of Management
  6. BUS-315 Business Law I
  7. BUS-446 International Business Management
  8. One of the following:
    BUS-466 Advanced Topics Marketing: Non-Western Perspectives
    ECO-336 Divergent Economic Growth
    ECO-436 Economic Development
    ECO-446 International Economics
  9. ECO-495 International Finance
  10. Two courses in foreign language numbered 115 or above
  11. One of the following:
    A semester abroad
    A May Term abroad
    A capstone project in international business, supervised by a member of the business faculty