Information Technology

In order to stay connected to the world around you, you need to be connected. From wired residence halls to electronic classrooms, Coe offers you a number of opportunities to keep you connected both on and off campus. If you choose to bring your own PC or Mac, you may connect to the network from the convenience of your room, as long as it meets the minimum college-specified requirements. Determine if your computer meets these requirements.

The computer facilities at Coe consist of:

  • Over 1,650 computer ports on a fully integrated campus-wide Local Area Network, including one port per student in the residence halls
  • Full Internet services - with additional Interet options in the resident halls
  • An extensive networked software library containing the latest graphical versions of popular applications
  • 300 computers available for student use located throughout the academic buildings
  • A computer in each faculty and staff office
  • Wireless Library and Student Activities Building

Have a question about logging on? Will my computer work on Coe ResNet? Do I need to buy a modem? These questions and more can be answered by Coe's Department of Information Technology.


Professional Staff and Help Desk:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


Lower Voorhees

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