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Touring and Off-Campus Study Photos

Luke Viertel, B.M.; Institüt für Europaische Studenten in Vienna

Nathan Barford, B.A., Music; Middlesex University in London

Jessica Larriva, B.M.; University College Cork

Kristin Patch, B.A., Music and Public Relations;University of Ulster-Magee Campus

Cottages of the Aran Islands

Gen Oroszvary, B.A., Literature and Gender Studies and Rachel Riggs Leyva, B.A., Music; Beijing, China

Rachel Riggs Leyva and Kristin Marrs; Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Street Scene - Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Professor Marrs and Angela Meisterling, B.A., Mathematics;Near Grasmere in the Lake District, England