Katie Benedix

Communications Assistant

Job Responsibilities: I process all emails and mailing communications with prospective students for the Admissions Office.

What I love about my job: I am a data nerd so I love finding all the interesting quirks about who replies to our emails and how that information can help the Admission team as a whole.  The Admission Office is so much fun and it is a pleasure to work with them every day.

Interests: Reading, pilates and DIY projects (Do It Yourself) - I'm currently working on making a new slipcover for my futon and re-purposing an old pair of heels into glitter heels

Music: Everything from Top 40 to concert choirs but I’m not a fan of Country music!

Books: Historical fiction, especially Elissa Elliot, Aiden James and Sarah Poole.

TV: I'll admit it!  I love trashy reality TV, mostly anything on Bravo.  I also watch Mad Men and How I Met Your Mother.

Movies: My historical side always gets the best of me.  My favorite movies are Elizabeth, Fahrenheit 451 and V for Vendetta.  But, I also watch movies like Saved and Ten Things I Hate About You a lot too.