Julie Staker

Associate Vice President & Dean of Admission
Education: B.A., Coe College; M.Ed., Loyola University Chicago

As a graduate of Coe College, I hold a unique perspective that not all Deans of Admission can share. Surely, every Dean of Admission can say they value and appreciate their place of employment. However, how many can say they’ve sat in the classrooms, lived in the residence halls and truly know what it is like to be a student at their place of employment?

As a graduate of the college, here are my reasons why you should consider Coe:

  1. 100% of students participate in internships, research projects, practicum experiences or study abroad. Read #2 to find out why that’s important.
  2. 100% of graduates are employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation.
  3. Location, Location, Location! Did you know Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa and one of US News and World Report’'s America's 10 Best Places to Grow Up?
  4. Fun! With over 80 clubs and organizations, 21 athletic teams, eight greek life organizations and countless performers coming to campus each semester, Coe is a lively, enjoyable place to be for our 1,400 students.
  5. Your classmates will stay on campus over the weekends. Coe is a residential college where all students live on campus. This means they engage with their classmates and become invested in the campus community.
  6. Faculty…Too many stories to tell. Just envision a professor stepping in to walk his student down the aisle for her wedding.
  7. Support…Coe offers a great balance between challenging its students and supporting them...Writing Center, Speaking Center, academic advisors, professors and Office of Student Affairs.
  8. We’re friendly! Seriously. I know this sounds trite but I hear it from our visitors every week. Coe students are nice people. Sure…we all have our days but generally speaking they are not pretentious, arrogant or self-serving.
  9. Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Students come to Coe to learn. There is an expectation from professors that you will work hard. At the same time, there is an attitude of fun on our campus supported by the faculty and administration through events like The Presidential Ball, Flunk Day and The Big Band. It’s the perfect balance.
  10. Timelessness. Since 1851 Coe has provided superior educational opportunities. Today we are honored to be ranked among the finest colleges in the nation by US News & World Report, America's Best Kept College Secrets, The Princeton Review’s "377 Best Colleges" and many other sources.