Library Galleries (under construction)

Due to the addition of the learning commons, artwork has been moved around and not all information available on this page is correct. Artwork location is expected to be confirmed April 2016.

There are four named galleries in the library. Art is also displayed in several other areas on first and second floor.

The Winnifred S. Cone Gallery

Named in honor of the wife of the artist, this gallery contains a comprehensive collection of paintings and drawings by Marvin Cone, class of 1914.  

Composed of more than 60 pieces at this time, the Cone holdings are particularly noteworthy in that the majority of the pieces were personally selected by Marvin Cone himself, as representative of major stylistic watersheds in his career. As such, they possess particular significance for both the scholar and the layperson. Also noteworthy are the earliest and last pieces in the collection. Lamellibranchiata (Unio) (Clam) was drawn in 1912 while Marvin was a student at Coe. Remembered Light, both the study in graphite and the final oil were some of the last pieces executed by the artist.

Two works by other artists hang in the gallery. Malnutrition, an early portrait of Marvin, by his life long friend Grant Wood, has been graciously lent by the Cone Family Trust. Reflections, by George Henry, is a photograph of both Marvin and Winnifred in the artist's studio of their Cedar Rapids home.

Winnifred S. Cone Gallery, East

Malnutrition (Grant Wood) 1919 oil on panel
Strange to Me Now 1948 oil on canvas
Roadside Farm 1941 oil on board
Shapes on Shapes No.4 1963 oil on canvas
Three Doorways 1951 oil on canvas
Intervals No. 2 1958 oil on canvas
Shadowed Door No.2 1961 oil on canvas
Thunderhead No.3 @1941 oil on canvas
Uncle Ben 1942 oil on canvas
Dark Design 1949 oil on canvas
The Tapestry of the Jilted Lover 1931 oil on canvas
Plant with Nude @1930 oil on canvas
Lilies for a God 1945 oil on board
The Old Red Barn @1942 oil on masonite
Roof Pattern 1929 oil on board
Taxco 1939 oil on canvas board
Melodrama 1937 oil on canvas
Maestro @1940 oil on canvas
Mask 1935 oil on masonite
Washing's Out @1946 oil on board
Old Things (chair from the painting Old Things on display) @1930 oil on canvas
Pink Silo 1961 oil on masonite
Brown Pears @1963 oil on masonite
Blue Pears @1963 oil on masonite
Two Pears 1954 oil on masonite
Three Pears 1961 oil on masonite
House and Wall 1926 oil on board
Hot Day 1938-39 oil on masonite
Lamellibranchiata (Unio) (Clam) 1912 ink drawing
Studio Demonstration 1935 oil on board
Untitled (rural landscape) @1930 oil on canvas
Grove 1952 oil on canvas
Clouds n.d. oil on canvas

The East gallery includes a display case containing subjects from Marvin Cone's paintings, a bust made by Marvin Cone, and the insignia designed by Marvin Cone for the 34th division of the United States Army, along with some programs from Cone's art openings.

Winnifred S. Cone Gallery, West

Riverbend No. 7 1940 oil on canvas
Road to Waubeek 1941 oil on canvas
Old Quarry Stone City 1932 oil on canvas
Reflections (George Henry) n.d. photograph
Stone Fruit (gift of Betsy (Gage Harless) and Christian Nielsen and Georgeanne Louise (Harless) Smith) @1935 oil on canvas
Stone Fruit 1930 charcoal on paper
Singular Abode 1963 oil on canvas
Blueprint for Fishermen 1956 oil on masonite
Blue Areas 1954 oil on canvas
Triptych/Panorama 1938 oil on canvas
Shadowed Door No. 3 1962 oil on canvas
The Big Top 1941 oil on canvas
Under the Arch of Triumph, Paris 1929 oil on board
Elizabeth Street, Toronto, Canada 1930 oil on board
Blue and Gray Patterns No. 2 1957 oil on canvas
Promenade, Luxembourg Gardens Paris 1929 oil on masonite
Educational Exhibit 1939 oil on canvas
Jean Hedberg Selder 1940 charcoal on paper
Reimer Rhode @1930 pencil
Strange Vigil 1947 oil on canvas
Night Shapes No. 2 1955 oil on canvas
Housing Problem No. 3 1959 oil on canvas
River Farm 1938-39 oil on canvas
Little Bohemia Tavern 1944-45 oil on canvas
Landmark 1949 oil on canvas
Golden Segments 1962 oil on canvas
Space Pattern No. 2 1956 oil on canvas
Remembered Light 1963 graphite on paper
Remembered Light 1963 oil on canvas
Portrait of Winnifred n.d. oil on canvas

Richter Room

Totem Pole Hodaka Yoshida 1958 lithograph
Festivities in a Town Square Schoevaerdts/Bout @1710 oil on board
Missal Leaf: Genesis (French) Anon. 1150 ink
Latin Bible Leaf (German) Anon. 1450 ink
Hymn Book Page (Latin) Anon. n.d. ink
Missal Leaf: (English) Anon. 1440 ink, gold
Tapestry Anon. n.d. woven fabric
Winter Ansei Uchima 1959 woodblock
Summer Ansei Uchima 1959 woodblock
Old Quarry, Stone City Marvin Cone 1936 oil on canvas

Reference Area

R.W. Stewart Anon. n.d. oil on canvas
Fields and Water Zora Du Vall 1961 oil on canvas
Professor Kocher (at Coe Studio) David Gorman 2003 oil on canvas
Einstein Mauricio Lasansky 1985 etching
Still Life James Lechay 1945 oil on canvas
Mr. President: study of Lincoln Mauricio Lasansky n.d. intaglio
Witness Ben Frank Moss 1993 oil on print
Atlantic Coast, Seabrook Is, S.C. Robert Kocher 1984 watercolor
Plupersephone Robert Kocher 1971 mixed media on canvas
Winter: Iowa Robert Kocher 1987-1990 acrylic on canvas

Whipple Browsing Area

Old Red Barn Marvin Cone 1956 oil on canvas
Fourth Flight Marvin Cone 1954 oil on canvas
Ballet Class Richard Pinney n.d. mixed media sculpture
Traffic on "B" Avenue George Henry 1965 photograph
Mrs. Betty Fisher George Henry 1964 photograph
Library, Expanded George Henry 1987 photograph
Student in Library Stacks George Henry n.d. photograph
Miss Gayle Schroeder Coe Beauty Joan Thaler 2003 pastel on paper

Pochobradsky Reading Room

Daphne et Chloe (set of 3)
Aristide Maillol n.d. woodcuts
La Marchande DíOiseaux Fernard Leger 1958 lithograph
Sirene Raoul Dufy @1925 etching
M. Button Thomas Nast 1890 print
What the Wild West is Saying Thomas Nast 1892 pen and ink
U.S., English and Irish Thomas Nast @1905 pen and ink
Colourbloc Karen Appel 1961 lithograph
Love Me, Love My Dog Leonard Baskin @1956 engraving
La Revue Blanche Pierre Bonnard 1894 lithograph
May Milton Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1895 lithograph
Le Deuxieme volume de Bruant Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1890 lithograph
Frightened Boy with Tea Towel Stephen Cone Weeks 1985 mixed media
Cream of Mushroom Andy Warhol 1968 silkscreen on paper
Gladioli in Pineapple Pitcher Eugene Speicher @1930 oil on canvas
Le Voyage Nicolai Kuvshinoff @1960 oil on canvas
Trap For the Moon IV Trap For the Moon IV n.d. oil on wood and canvas
Untitled Billy Al Bengston @1965 oil, lacquer, and wood
Gnomon Alfred Jenson 1960 lithograph
Night Cry No. 1 John Schulze 1969 photograph
Auntie Billie Series No. 8 (triptych) Stephen Cone Weeks 1979 mixed media ink wash
Platonic Agreement W. Quirt 1940 oil on canvas
Nymph Emil-Othon Friesz n.d. lithograph
Magic Byron Burford 1988 encaustic on board

The Knapp Study Room contains a set of fifteen photographs by Iowa photographer John W. Barry of scenes from the summer art colony conducted by Grant Wood and Marvin Cone during the summers of 1932-33 in Stone City. 

The Perrine Gallery (second floor)

Twelve of the fourteen works of Grant Wood owned by the College are on display in this gallery. 

The six large farm murals on the east and west walls and the smaller mural, Fruit Basket, constitute the heart of this important regionalist portion of Coe's collection. Collectively they are known as The Fruits of Iowa and were commissioned by Eugene C. Eppley for the Coffee Shop of his Cedar Rapids Montrose Hotel. When the hotel changed ownership in 1956, the murals were lent to the College where they were prominently displayed in the Library. They have remained here ever since. In 1976, the Eppley Foundation graciously donated the murals to the College.

Fruit Basket 1932 oil on canvas: mural
Farmer with Pigs and Corn 1932 oil on canvas: mural
Iowa Farm Landscape 1932 oil on canvas: mural
Farmer's Wife with Chickens 1932 oil on canvas: mural
Farmer's Daughter with Vegetables 1932 oil on canvas: mural
Boy Milking Cow 1932 oil on canvas: mural
Farmer's Son with Watermelon 1932 oil on canvas: mural

Five smaller, yet significant works by Wood supplement these murals, including the charcoal on paper study of Daughters of Revolution, and some of his high school pieces.

Two Drawings for the Pulse (Easter and May) @1907 lithograph
Stork 1910 watercolor on window shade
Midsummer (Indian Creek) 1926 oil on board
Two Drawings for the Pulse (Yule Tide and February) @1908 lithograph
Daughters of Revolution 1932 charcoal


Coe College has also acquired a distinguished collection of works by Conger Metcalf, a 1936 graduate of the College. Although he studied under Marvin Cone at Coe, he actually graduated with a degree in music with the hopes of becoming a concert pianist. Instead, he built a wide reputation in the art world, especially in Boston where he worked for 50 years. The collection now totals forty-five works housed in and outside two galleries on the second floor.

Conger Metcalf Gallery

This gallery honoring the memory of the artist contains some of his finest drawings of children, as well as the largest piece executed by the artist, Sienese Shadow Patterns. The 1991 portrait of the artist by Warren and Lucia Prosperi hangs outside the gallery.

Drawing on 18th Century Paper IV 1990 ink and graphite
Drawing on 17th Century Paper n.d. ink and wash
Studio Interior 1989 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Tavola 1990 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Harlequin 1951 ink and wash
Little Reader 1973 wash and graphite
The Paper Fan 1975 oil and graphite
The Cardinal's Villa 1974 wash on paper
Sienese Shadow Patterns 1976 oil on board
Miki Reading n.d. wash and graphite
Incised Drawing Page in Antwerp Blue 1973 oil on clay-coated paper
La Famiglia Venezianna 1965 oil on board
Michael at the Easel 1972 chalk on wash
Spanish Model 1978 oil on clay-coated paper
Boy in Playroom @ 1960 graphite and wash
Conger Metcalf (Warren & Lucia Prosperi) 1991 oil on canvas
Cantane 1977 conte crayon
Study Page at Antwerp Blue 1980 oil on coated paper
The Sentinels 1994 oil on coated paper
Manuela 1980 oil on coated paper
Still Life (Venetian collage) 1976 oil on coated paper
Summer Still Life 1968 oil on graphite

Reva and John Pashgian Gallery

This gallery, both inside and out, continues the Metcalf collection and was named the Reva and John Pashgian Gallery at the request of their son, Gordon J. Pashgian, class of 1971. The gallery contains some of Metcalf’s best technical drawings and highlights his superb draftsmanship. A recent addition is Metcalf’s remembered image of his mother, Medora. This piece is on permanent loan from the Washington County Historical Society where it hung for many years. Also of importance in this gallery are early works from high school while others were completed when Metcalf was a student at the College.

Requiem 1979 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Study for a Painting 1974 wash and graphite
Homage a Picasso 1974 oil and wash
Head Studies 1973 ink and wash
Ancient Wall 1976 oil and graphite
Piazza Di Spagna, Roma: Sleeping Figure 1973 pen and ink
Standing Figure 1973 oil on board
Still Life ­ Venetian Red 1974 oil and wash
Somber Still Life 1979 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Summer Concert 1980 ink and wash
Eggs on Matisse 1940 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Technical Study: Eggs on a Matisse n.d. oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Incised Drawing 1975 mixed media
Medora (on loan from Washington county historic society) 1974 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Study for Medora 1974 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Alexandra's Chair 1982 oil on gessoed paper
Study of Aged Ballerina 1950 conte crayon on paper
Preparatory Sketch for 2 Otis Place 1964 ink on paper
Preparatory Sketch for 2 Otis Place No. 2 1964 ink on paper
Interior: 2 Otis Place 1964 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper
Untitled (Woman's Head) 1930 colored pencil
Ruth Isabel Nehls 1931 drawing
Mary Elizabeth Bailey (on loan from Marvin Bailey) 1932 drawing
Painting for an XVIII Century Frame 1976 oil and graphite on clay-coated paper

Upper Reading Room

Buildings in Far Rochaway Benjamin Kopman 1940 oil on canvas
Torero Ludwig Bemelmans 1950 ink drawing
La Petite Afrique Graham Sutherland 1953 lithograph
Notre Dame Henri Matisse 1925 etching
Vallauris Exposition Pablo Picasso 1952 litho-graph poster
Mme. De Pompadour Henri Matisse 1951 colored lithograph
Composition: Lighthouse Raymond Guerrier 1935 oil
Space Construction Fred Ottenson 1963 collage
Untitled Fillipe Orlando n.d. gouache on paper
The Satellite Charles Campbell 1962 oil on board
Gray Net Howard Thomas 1969 polymer on board
New York Abraham Walkowitz 1913 watercolor
Improvisation Abraham Walkowitz 1913 watercolor
Untitled Carlos Merida 1940 lithograph
Saddle   n.d.  
Motorcycles Joseph Hirsch 1960 oil on canvas
Femmes Charles Levier 1945 oil on canvas
Auras Alpha Xe NH S-1 Lemmy 1962 resin and acrylic
Grandpa Trujillo Ramon Kelley 1972 oil on board