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French Exchange:
Bachelor International Trade and Business Administration

All the courses are in English. You will also have the opportunity to learn French and improve it with a class and with the new friends you will make here in Valenciennes. With this program you will gain necessary skills to work in an international environment. This bachelor program enables students to gain the necessary skills and competencies for working in International Marketing, Management, Finance, Business and Economics on a European and International Level.



  • Economics and European Institutions (2 ECTS / year)
  • Communications & Intercultural Studies (2 ECTS / year)
  • Corporate Culture and Technology (2 ECTS / year)
  • International Marketing (4 ECTS / year)
  • International Operational Management (4 ECTS / year)
  • Financial Analysis (4 ECTS / year)
  • International Trade Methods (4 ECTS / year)
  • International Law and European Business Law (4 ECTS / year)
  • International Taxation (4 ECTS / year)
  • International Logistics (4 ECTS / year)
  • European Accounting and anglo-saxon Methods (4 ECTS / year)
  • Business languages : English + Spanish or German (5 ECTS / year)
  • French for beginners (ECTS : variable)
  • Group project (5 ECTS / year)
  • Work placement (10 ECTS / year)

How to apply?

  • Be at least second semester sophomore
  • Be interested in business
  • Have a GPA of 2.25
  • Make an appointment with the Office of Off-Campus Study
  • You do not need to speak French
  • Fill out the application form and bring it to the Office of Off-Campus Study


  • Live abroad for 6 or 12 months
  • Travel Europe
  • Have a unique experience
  • Make friends from all around the world
  • 15 years of partnership between Coe and Valenciennes

Steps prior to departure

  • Start your application at least six months prior to departure date
  • Have a passport up to date
  • Receive your approval from Coe College
  • Apply for a visa (Register with campus France first)
  • Book a flight
  • Say goodbye to friends and family!