The Acts of the Apostles: Luke's Second Volume
May 4, 11, 18, 25

Meira Kensky

Meira Kensky
Joseph E. McCabe Associate Professor of Religion

Religion Professor Meira Kensky will lead this four-week exploration of the Acts of the Apostles, which attempts to provide a history of the earliest apostles from Jesus' ascension to heaven through the many travels and trials of Paul. Written by the same author as the Gospel of Luke, Acts contains stories of miracles, magicians, escapes, shipwrecks and snakebites, all the while providing a deeply considered theological portrayal of the history of the earliest Christian communities.

Acts attempts to demonstrate why the earliest leaders made the choices that they did, and to provide its readers with confidence that these choices ultimately stemmed from God, acting through the Holy Spirit. It also argues forcefully that Paul of Tarsus is an authentic, authoritative apostle on a mission from God, despite the fact that he did not know Jesus and persecuted members of the early church.

But many questions remain about this unusual text. These four sessions will engage these questions through close reading of the text itself as well as parallels from other contemporaneous literature.