Why study languages at Coe?

Studying language, literature, and culture is by nature interdisciplinary. Professors are interested in educating the whole student, not merely to teach material within a narrow range of knowledge. Coe offers innovative courses designed to further language acquisition and important critical skills with an emphasis on cultural studies. Developing a greater intercultural understanding is the focus of studying foreign languages at Coe.

  • Faculty is encouraging and supportive—we know students do their best work with high standards and full confidence in their abilities.
  • Close community of faculty and students.
  • Emphasis on practical, hands-on approach to language learning—we want students be understand and be able to function as soon as they begin their first course.
  • We don’t forget that one of the major goals of learning a second language is the sheer pleasure of discovery and learning something completely new.
  • Each course is designed to focus on the myriad interactions between language, culture, and the arts.
  • Class activities include improvisational theatre, masquerade balls, mini creative writing workshops, film fests, elegant soirées with impersonators of the rich and famous, song and dance, dramatic renderings of famous texts, storytelling, and anything else that makes languages alive for students.
  • We provide as many immersion experiences on and off campus as possible.
  • Individualized learning goals for each student.
  • Opportunities to have original creative work in French, German, Spanish, and Japanese published in Babel.
  • Great study abroad opportunities in France, Spain, Germany, Canada, and more to come.....

10 reasons to choose a language at Coe College?

  1. Most graduate studies programs require proficiency in a foreign language.
  2. Global and intercultural awareness crucial for a current job markets.
  3. Opportunities to explore other cultures directly; study abroad opportunities.
  4. Studying a foreign language further develops language skills and vocabulary in English.
  5. Study of a foreign language and living in another culture is an irreplaceable and enriching life-changing experience.
  6. Hands on experience with learning the language including experience with oral language and written language.
  7. The approach to language learning at Coe is based upon direct experiential learning.
  8. Learning languages is great fun; the best way to learn is through play.
  9. Language learning is an excellent medium for helping you learn how you learn, what your preferred learning style (visual, oral, kinetic, tactile, etc.) is and how to strengthen other ways of learning.
  10. Great for helping develop study and time management skills.