Fisher Music Library

Fisher Music Library

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Fisher Music Library, located on the first floor of Marquis Hall, contains reference sources, books, journals, scores, librettos, and recordings which support the music department's curriculum and the Coe community.

Fisher materials are searchable from the library's catalog. Additional music research materials and older volumes of journals are located in Stewart Memorial Library.

Items on Fisher Reserve are for use in the library on the listening stations available there. The library contains music listening stations for all sound media formats contained in the collection. There are also two computer music work stations with keyboards.

Featured Database:

Oxford Music Online Icon & Link Grove Music Online, Oxford Companion to Music, Oxford Dictionary of Music, and Encyclopedia of Popular Music all in one place!

The database includes all of the most current versions of the reference resources shown in the photo below in a searchable electronic format.

Shown in photo: The Oxford Dictionary of Music (1 volume), Oxford Companion to Music (1 volume), The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2 volumes), the New Grove Dictionary of Opera (4 volumes), the New Grove Dictionary of American Music (4 volumes), the New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (3 volumes), and The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (9 volumes)