Film Studies

The interdisciplinary major in film studies explores all aspects of film and digital production. Film Studies is a ten course major blending content and expertise from three disciplines: Art, English/Creative Writing, and Theatre Arts. Courses range from the more theoretical aspects of film to the hands-on production process in a variety of formats. A sampling of course offerings include filmmaking, animation, film history and analysis, acting, lighting, scene and costume design, photography, digital art and film topics. The major is designed to offer experience in the art of visual storytelling.

Coe’s film major is structured to explore film as an art form that informs and entertains. Clearly, film production is moving into the digital domain, and Coe is prepared to follow these exciting advancements while still respecting time-honored production methods and values. An additional advantage to majoring in film at Coe is the availability of film internships, especially those offered in the New York Term.

Recent Coe graduates have been accepted in highly competitive graduate film programs at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, NYU-L.A., the University of Chicago and Chapman University. Upon graduation, students can choose to further their training in a graduate school setting, or to pursue a career in writing, directing, cinematography, or editing. Film is a rapidly expanding field that requires an active, collaborative participation in the creative process. Lights, camera, action!

For information about the film major, contact Gordon Mennenga at or any participating faculty member.