Erica Czajka '15

Erica CzajkaHometown: Denver, Colorado
Major: Philosophy, Environmental Studies
Minor: Asian Studies

What activities are you involved in?
I’m in A∑A, Environmental Club, Soccer, Swimming, Multicultural Fusion, Multicultural Mentors and Coe Democrats.

What is your favorite place on campus?
I love the bench outside of Hickok Hall on nice days; it’s just a really pretty spot on campus. Otherwise, I’m usually in the library, the Writing Center or the Voorhees lobby.

How was Coe in terms of scholarship and financial aid support?
The Business Office and Financial Aid Office kept me up to date with all of my options and made everything really simple.

Have you had any internship, research or study abroad experiences?
I went to the Coe Wilderness Field Station for an animal behavior class during the summer and absolutely loved it. Northern Minnesota was amazing and beautiful. The class was structured so that during the trip there were hands-on “teachable moments.” My final project was researching and observing a robin’s nest, situated on the outdoor lamp of the lab.

Who is your favorite professor?
That’s pretty tough because I’ve liked all of my professors so far! Currently Gordon Mennenga, David Hayes and Stephen Campbell really stand out. They’re open and friendly with students and are incredibly knowledgeable about their subjects. Their lectures are lively, interactive and fun which keeps the attention of students (even early in the morning or late in the afternoon). It is really nice to have those personal relationships with professors where they’re sincerely interested and invested in each individual student.

What is your Sunday habit?
My ideal Sunday habit is waking up early and going to breakfast at Riley’s or waking up later and going to brunch at the “U,” our cafeteria, with some friends. Then I usually do homework, try to read or clean my room. Productivity is the key but it’s more laid back because it’s still the weekend. I try to get a run in and then study some more. Usually there’s a chapter meeting for A∑A in the evening. After that, if my homework is done, I’ll go and hang out with some friends, and if it’s not done I’ll head over to the library to study with friends.

Erica and friendsWhat is your favorite class and why?
I really enjoyed Fiction Workshop 1 and Morality and Moral Controversy. I like the Fiction Workshop because it’s something that I wouldn’t normally take and it’s kind of fun getting to explore your own writing style and hear some really good student pieces in class. The professor is really funny and the class is super interesting. Also, I really appreciate the discussion in the Philosophy class. I’m a Philosophy major so it’s fun to question the ethics in our society.

What so far has been your favorite memory at Coe?
It’s really hard to pick a single moment. One of the highlights from my first semester at Coe was running down the stairs after sorority formal recruitment into my ecstatic sisters’ arms. A highlight from second semester was running around during this huge thunderstorm. People were sliding in the mud and splashing each other in these enormous puddles! It was so much fun.

What is your favorite Coe tradition?
My first answer is ringing the bell after an athletic team wins. After orientation they take away the ringer so when your team wins you have to improvise with a dumbbell or a brick. Everyone on the team rings it and it’s such a great feeling!! I would also say Flunk Day is high on my list because it’s a tradition completely unique to Coe. Who doesn’t like a random day off of class? Last year the weather was amazing so everyone was outside playing soccer, volleyball or tossing a Frisbee.

What do you do for a campus job or work study?
I work in the Physical Plant and help clean Voorhees Hall in the mornings with Darleen. She’s literally the sweetest person and does everything she can to help her residents even if they don’t realize it.

What should every student do before they graduate?
I would highly recommend running or walking the Homecoming 5K with a group. Everyone gets dressed up and just has a really good time with their friends. You don’t have to be fast, just enjoy it. (Plus then you feel like you worked out before putting on those fancy clothes to go dancing!!)

What do you like best about Coe?
I really like how the campus is small so you get to know many people here. There are always opportunities to meet new people. Sometimes you go to lunch at a different time of the day and it’s a completely new crowd and then you go back outside and know almost everyone!!

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