English Major

In English courses at Coe, you can explore the power and resonance of the written word. Our faculty are award-winning teachers and scholars who are passionate about their fields of expertise and committed to helping students succeed. Most of our classes are capped at 18, which means you will have frequent opportunities to practice expressing your ideas in small, discussion-based courses and to receive detailed feedback on your writing. You’ll finish up your studies with a senior seminar in which you'll bring together the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout the major in an extended research project that demonstrates your unique perspective and voice.

Because the English major at Coe is wide-ranging and flexible, you'll be able to tailor a course of study to your own interests while also acquiring a broad knowledge of various literary traditions and approaches to literary study. You'll also practice skills like the ability to read critically, to think creatively, and to write clearly and with verve—fundamental skills that will prepare you to adapt to a quickly changing world and for jobs that don't yet exist.