Deana Mae Ramos  '17

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Major: Nursing
Minor: Psychology

What activities are you involved in?
Biology Club, Pre-Med Club, Multicultural Fusion, KCOE Radio, Intramurals and the Leadership and Service Floor

Why did you decide to attend Coe?
Coe will treat you like family and everyone here pretty much looks out for one another including your professors. The small, private, liberal arts approach toward learning provides many opportunities to get involved, learn hands-on and develop a holistic individual of character.

What is the best part of being a Kohawk?
All of the pride and spirit surrounding the closely-knit campus! Everybody at Coe is supportive and proud to be a Kohawk. It shows when the bleachers are stomped with energy at a football game, sporting events and campus activities.

What do you remember most from your first year?
Getting to know my floor mates! They are my family here at Coe and we ALWAYS have Friday and Saturday movie night in each other's rooms! We're all very close and we call our Resident Assistant (RA) "mom." I don't know what I would do without my "OHANA" (family) here at Coe. They really helped me keep busy and focus on all the fun I’m having in college despite being so far away from home.

Describe your favorite interaction with a professor.
My cellular and molecular biology professor is one of the advisors for the Biology Club. He has so much energy and enthusiasm for his passion in science and does everything in his power to share this gift of knowledge with his students. During the Chicago trip to Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum, he had his students compete in a trivia game to review for an upcoming exam while waiting for our dinner to arrive.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering Coe?
Introduce and acquaint yourself with other students, staff and faculty on campus so that you know the pace and personalities of the people you will soon be around. It's always great to get your name on their radar so that if you have any further questions, they can be answered!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to go to Coe sporting events over the weekend and wear my Crimson Crazies shirt with a bunch of friends. You'll be surprised how much people show their Crimson and Gold pride on the densely packed bleachers. I love to yell out the players' names on the field and cheer them on because it gives them that extra boost of energy and confidence when they need it. There is at least one game on campus over the weekend so I'm never  bored. There's always something to do, and if I just feel like doing something else, I'll hit the gym or racquet center for an intense workout!

What is it like living in Cedar Rapids?
There is a newly renovated public library within walking distance from campus with a garden rooftop to study or read while enjoying the view of Cedar Rapids and treadmills that allow you to read at the same time! Those interested in pre-med or nursing will also find it convenient that Coe is a crosswalk away from one of Iowa's leading hospitals.

Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?
People on my floor tend to shorten my name to "Dee." I think this becoming my new name!

What was the best part of being a first-year student?
As a first year, you finally have freedom in creating your own schedule and agenda! Nobody can tell you NO so it's up to you to make wise decisions while having fun and making the most of your college experience at the same time.

If you could bring one thing from your hometown to Coe what would it be?
Definitely the spirit of ALOHA from Hawaii! I would share the values of kindness, compassion, hospitality, community and adventurous spirit with EVERYONE here at Coe. We usually have a "Luau" that includes buffet-style Hawaiian food, hula and fire dancing for entertainment and lots of games and music at night surrounding a relaxing environment with lanterns, lights and a bonfire.

How would your friends describe your personality?
My floor mates would describe me as the first person to get up extremely early in the morning for class and have a Pandora playlist on while getting ready. They also know me as the girl who finds every little thing funny because I'm either caught smiling or laughing hysterically when crossing paths with them. I'm also really good with sharing, so if they feel like snacking on something they'll always come to me for food!

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