Corridor Music Fellowship

Corridor Music Fellowship flyer

The Coe College Symphony Orchestra's (CCSO) Corridor Music Fellowship program identifies outstanding high school musicians in the Corridor who have demonstrated exceptional technical and musical skills on their instruments, significant potential for ensemble leadership, and a passion for orchestral playing. The Fellowship gives students the opportunity to participate in the CCSO. The fellowship includes:

  • Two free private lessons and three free coachings with Coe Music Department faculty.
  • A minimum of four performance opportunities with the CCSO per season.
  • A personal mentor from the college ranks of the orchestra.

Audition Requirements 2017

  1. Two scales (one of your choice; one selected by the director); 2-3 octaves; all major and minor keys.
  2. One prepared solo; unaccompanied.

Spots are limited, and the application/audition process is competitive. There is no application fee, and those who are accepted as Fellows get the college orchestra experience for a full academic year at no cost. The Fellowship Application Deadline for the 2017-2018 program is August 31, 2017!

Your completed Application Form and Recommendation Form should be emailed to Coe's Director of Orchestras, Dr. Michelle Blair, at Please contact Dr. Blair with questions.


"Because of my experiences with the Coe orchestra, I've become a much more responsive and adaptive orchestral player, and I can feel the rhythm in a way that helps the rest of my section. [Dr. Blair's] interpretations of the music have helped me see new ways to convey different attitudes through my playing, and that has been valuable to me both in my high school orchestra and on my own. I've been challenged by the music I have played, and I appreciate the opportunity to play with other dedicated and focused instrumentalists. Thank you, and I hope I see you next year!"

- Hannah Fusselman (Kennedy High School)


"My experience in the Coe College Orchestra was phenomenal. I met plenty of new people that not only were good players, but were going through the college life and were great to talk to about my upcoming college preparation. Besides just the players, the music we played was a variety of literature that was both challenging and fun, not to mention wonderfully conducted by a lively Dr. Blair. If I could play with Coe again in the future, you wouldn't have to ask me twice, I truly loved the experience."

- Caleb Weatherby (Linn-Mar High School)