Statement of Account Notification

In late June or early July, new students will receive a notification in the mail from the Business Office that will explain the billing process and payment information.

Timing of Statements:

Fall billing statements for each year are available online through MyCoe ( in mid-July. An email is sent to students notifying them that their statements are available. After the initial statement is posted online, updated statements are posted online around the 15th of each month. E-mails will be mailed to all students through their Coe College Email account and to parents (others) where e-mail addresses have been established for online access to view the statements. If a parent wishes to receive these e-mails, they must establish access to the online parent portal. See “How to view the statements online as a parent” below.

How to View Student Account Information Online:

Students can view their student account information online through their account: Once a student is logged in, student account information can be found on the “Student” tab. Under “My Student Account Info” there are three options.

  • "My Account Balances": This will show the outstanding balance on the student account.  If you click on the balance, a detailed listing of all of the student activity will appear.
  • "Course & Fee Statement": This will generate a real time course and fee statement for the student showing all the activity posted to the student account since the last statement was generated.
  • "Go to CASHNET": This link will take you to CASHNet where you can make a payment on the student’s account or sign up for a payment plan. You can also view all of the prior billing statements that have been generated via CASHNet.

Granting Access to the Parent Portal:

Students can grant others access to the parent portal by going to the Student Tab on MyCoe and clicking on the link "Grant Parent Access". It can take up to two working days for the Parent access request to be processed by the college. Once a parent has been granted permission, the parent will sign into MyCoe, click on the "Parent Tab" and then "My Students" in the left hand navigation bar to view their student’s information.

How to View Student Account Information Online as a Parent:

For parents to view the student account information online, they must first obtain access to the parent portal from their student. Once a parent has access, they are able to log in to this website and view the balance and make payments for his/her student(s). The following options are available once the parent has selected the appropriate student:

  • "My Account Balances": This will show the outstanding balance on the student account.  If you click on the balance, a detailed listing of all of the student activity will appear.
  • "Course & Fee Statement": This will generate a real time course and fee statement for the student showing all the activity posted to the student account since the last statement was generated.
  • "Go to CASHNET": This link will take you to CASHNet where you can make a payment on the student’s account or sign up for a payment plan.  You can also view all of the prior billing statements that have been generated via CASHNet.

Payment Options:

Coe offers three payment plan options to help families make a Coe education affordable:

  1. Payment in Full: Students are able to pay their bill in full each semester by the due date with no additional finance charges or payment plan fees. These payments are due on August 1 for the fall semester and January 10 for the spring semester.
  2. Monthly Payment Plan: (fall and spring semester only): For families who determine monthly payment plans will be more affordable, students can sign up for a payment plan through CASHNet by logging into their MyCoe account. A student must go on-line and request the monthly payment plan each semester. There is a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE fee that is due when signing up for a payment plan. The Fall semester payment plan runs from August to December and the spring semester payment plan runs from January to May. The CASHNet payment plan will simply divide the outstanding student account balance into 5 monthly payments. If the student account balance is adjusted due to additional charges or financial aid, CASHNet will recalculate the payment plan and adjust future payments. A student will not be able to sign up for a new payment plan if they still owe a balance on a prior payment plan.
  3. Student Loan Options: Student loan options to cover expenses can be explored by talking to the Financial Aid Office. Students who plan to borrow additional loan funds to cover their balance should begin this process in the summer prior to the upcoming academic year.
    1. Alternative loans may take more than a month to finalize, so allowing plenty of time to complete this process is vital.
    2. If students have any questions on alternative loans, the Financial Aid Office is available to help them at or 319-399-8540.

How to Make Payments:

  1. Online payments can be made through CASHNet, our online payment processor. You can access this payment system directly through Payments can be made in the form of:
    1. Direct withdrawal from a US bank account (ACH/Electronic Check)
    2. Credit card payment (a 2.75% processing fee is charged)
  2. Mail payments to:
    Business Office/Student Accounts
    Coe College
    1220 First Avenue NE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
    To ensure that your (your student's) account is properly credited, please include your (your student's) name and ID number on the check.
  3. Bring a check or cash to the Coe Business Office located in lower Voorhees Hall on the Coe campus.

Financial Suspension:

Students whom have an outstanding balance owed to the college may be placed on financial suspension and unable to register for future courses until the past due amount is paid in full.

Finance Charges:

Finance charges/late fees in the amount of 1.25% monthly (15% annual) will be assessed to accounts not paid in full by the due date.

Once a charge is reflected on a billing statement, it must be paid by the 10th of the next month or  a finance charge/late fee may be assessed.


The student accounts office may place the following holds on a student’s account:

  • AR Hold (Official Transcript Hold): This hold is placed on any account with an outstanding balance. It prevents the release of "Official" transcripts until the account is paid in full.
  • REG Hold (Registration Hold): This hold will prevent a student from registering for additional classes at Coe. It is generally placed on account with a past due balance but may be used for other reasons.
  • BL Hold (Business Office Loan Hold): This hold is placed on a student account when the student is required to complete a loan exit interview or has a past due balance on a Perkins, Canfield, or McElroy loan.

Delinquent (Past Due) Accounts:

Students currently enrolled at Coe that have a delinquent/past due balance will not be allowed to receive official transcripts or register for classes for future terms. Students are encouraged to talk to the Business Office or Financial Aid Office if they are unable to pay their bill on time.

Students that are no longer enrolled at Coe and have a delinquent/past due balance will be sent a paper billing statement after leaving Coe. If the balance is not paid in full by the statement deadline, a Final Demand Notice will be sent to the student.  If the student does not pay the balance or contact the Coe Business Office to set up payment arrangement by the Final Demand deadline, the account will be sent to a third party collection agency.  Once the account is sent to a collection agency, it will be reported to the National Credit Bureaus as delinquent.

Tuition Insurance:

At Coe, we recognize that there is a significant financial investment involved for families once a student starts classes. Because of these investments, we are pleased to offer full time students and their families an insurance policy to protect them against the exposure to fees that would normally be charged. The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is a program that is designed to minimize the exposure of lost tuition, room, board, and fees associated with attendance. In fact, with the TRP program a student is assured that he or she will receive an 80% refund if he/she withdraws for documented medical reasons.

For $95 per semester a student can have the security of knowing that if he/she becomes seriously ill and needs to withdraw from school that their financial burden will be minimized. The following table illustrates how Coe's refund schedule combined with the TRP will protect students and families against the loss of tuition and fees (the table represents an estimation of percentages):

If the withdrawal occurs during: The TRP refunds: Coe refunds: Student receives:
Week 1 0% 95% 95%
Week 2 0% 89% 89%
Week 3 0% 82% 82%
Week 4 5% 75% 80%
Week 5 12% 68% 80%
Week 6 19% 61% 80%
Week 7 26% 54% 80%
Week 8 33% 47% 80%
Week 9 up to 60% 40% 40% 80%
After 60% point in term 80% No refund 80%

The Dewar Insurance brochure is located on under the Student Tab/Business Office Information. To facilitate enrollment in the program, full-time students are automatically insured and billed for the tuition coverage. 

You may elect NOT to enroll in this insurance plan by completing the online waiver form located on MyCoe under the Student tab/My Forms link. The waiver form must be completed each academic year by the appropriate deadline for Fall or Spring semester.

Music Lessons

Music lessons are charged to the student account approximately three weeks after the term has begun.  Please contact the Music Department (319-399-8521) if you have questions regarding your music lesson charges.

Residence Hall Damages

Residence Hall damages may be assessed to the student’s account anytime throughout the semester.  If you have questions regarding residence hall damages, please contact the Residence Life Office at

Parking Permits and Parking Tickets

If you have questions about purchasing parking permits or a parking ticket you received, please contact Campus Safety at 319-399-8517.

Library Fines

If a library fine is applied to your Coe Student Account, a processing fee may be assessed.  If you have questions regarding these fines, please contact the library at 319-399-8595.


FERPA, (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.

  1. FERPA states that a student enrolled at a school beyond the high school level must sign a release that notifies the school who may have access to the student’s record.
  2. Billing information is considered part of the student's educational record, therefore this release must be signed for Coe College to discuss billing or payment questions with a parent.
  3. The FERPA release form can be found on the student's website. Once logged in, the student should go to the Student tab and select the "Grant Parent Access" link. Please note that Coe will not be able to speak with parents regarding the student's bill if the student has not granted them access to the parent portal.