College Adjustment Program (CAPS)
This program is designed to welcome first-year students to CoeCollege. Peer counselors are assigned to groups of new students to help them adjust to life at Coe, especially during the first six weeks of the term.

Personal Counseling
Assistance is offered to help students deal with the stress of college, to cope with troubling situations or to understand feelings better. Some of the more common concerns include difficulty with friends, roommates, or family members; depression and anxiety; sexual identity; lack of motivation, eating disorders; substance use; sexual assault and uncertainties about personal values and beliefs.

Career Counseling
Assistance is offered to the students who are just beginning their career exploration, those changing to a new career path and also to those who have a clear idea but just need assistance to help them achieve their career goals.

Graduate School Assistance
Students are offered assistance with both the decision and the process of applying to graduate and/or professional school.

Substance Use Counseling
Students are provided with educational opportunities and support, which promote responsible consumption of alcohol within the Coe community. The counselor can help students identify signs and symptoms of substance abuse and when appropriate, provide referral information