Academic Assistance

Faculty-approved student tutors are provided in most academic areas. Tutors are available to assist students one-on-one or in a group setting. There is no charge for tutoring services.

Academic Advising
You will be assigned a faculty advisor who will work with you to determine course schedules. However, AAP staff is available to offer guidance with course selection, course load, meeting course and major requirements, dropping and/or adding courses, etc.

Study Skills
The staff provides assistance through one-on-one instruction to match study skills with individual learning styles. Topics include note-taking, memory techniques, test preparation and time management.

Supplemental Instruction
Structured review sessions are offered for selected high-risk courses to help students before they encounter academic difficulty.

Reading Assistance
Reading instruction is provided to help students comprehend and retain textbook information and also manage the quantity of reading expected at the college level. The Kurzweil Reading software is available for students who benefit from oral textbooks.

Math Assistance
The math specialist assists students with math-related classes to overcome specific problem areas.

This half-credit course is designed to help incoming students improve skills necessary for successful performance in college. Topics include, but are not limited to, study skills, time management, self-motivation and personal responsibility.